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A FAQ:  This is what happens
when you get Hepatitis A & B vaccine

April 19, 2004

Dear Lloyd:

Here are the numbers from my tests in September (baseline) and my numbers from test in March (6 month mark.)

I, unfortunately, took a Hep A shot and a flu vaccine in October ..... but, I think the numbers are not too bad inspite of that.  I am working now to lower them and hope the next six months will do the trick.  I am not going back for a Hep A booster.

Again, my liver tests were completely normal with the exception of the SGOT/AST being 41. And, that is just 1 point over the normal range!!!!

Here goes:

Sept. 03
March 04
SGOT / AST        34
SGPT / ALT        51
GGTP        20
SGOT up but not by much ... my thought is that this has something to do with the vaccines ...  You can see everything else is normal!!!
And, my SGPT is down by 29 points!!!  GGTP down by 4!!!
HCV RNA:     1,300,000 IU/ml
4,250,000 IU/ml

Lloyd, it is late and I am tired to write all this.  My goal, however, is to help another heal.  If I can show my progress, I know it will help another.  You can post anything I write to your website in this effort.

I am happy to fax these tests results.  But, I attribute my healthy liver definitely to all the wonderful herbs and vitamins .... and not to any pharmaceuticals that were pushed on me!!!


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