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Hep A & B vaccine raise the viral load
May 1, 2004

Hi Lloyd ,

I was diagnosed with HCV last June and had a vial load of 138,000.  I immediately started on your program, though not as aggressively, and a recent blood panel shows my viral load at 400,000 but ALT and AST lower than a year ago.  Is this a good sign?

You are an absolute inspiration to me! Thanks for all your hard work.

Hi :

Did you have a hepatitis A or B vaccine?
Did you have a flu shot?
Did you start taking a anti depressant?
There are a wide range of things that make the viral load go up.

If your AST & ALT are in reference range, there is little or no liver damage being done.

The viral load isn't related to symptoms AST, ALT or anything else I can find.

The tests need to be from the same lab, same test.   Even then most of them say on them that they can not be used for comparison.

What are your AST & ALT?


The very day, 3/04, about ten minutes prior to the drawing of my last blood test, I was vaccinated with my third round of Combination Hep A/B vaccine. I received a flu shot back in November '03. I was concerned when I read the results of the elevated viral load that the vaccine has some impact but the nurse assured me that it did not. It seemed logical, however, that it might have.

My original tests 8/03 showed 138,000 viral load, AST 35, ALT 56.
My new results 3/04 show 419,425 viral load, AST 26, ALT 36.

I am seriously on a mission to get rid of this stuff.  I don't feel bad ...
I'm just pissed and absolutely refuse to be taken down by it.

Thanks for your help.

Hi :

You should be pissed at the medical community for being so stupid, for not knowing that they are raising your viral load.  It is going to go up more.  It is not going to come down for over a year and it is going to take a while for that to happen.

When the nurse and all the doctors say the hepatitis A & B vaccine will not cause this they are being blatant PIGS.

They have no idea what they are doing.

Lloyd Wright


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