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Viral Load Effect of Hepatitis A & B Vaccine
May 2, 2004

Hi Lloyd,

Thank you for your letter and Happy Easter to you. You wrote in your letter that absorbic c will help me.  Do you mean the absorbbic acid in vitamin c or just plain absorbic c.  Where do i buy it?

I have geno 1a with minimal scarring and i wonder if the natcell frozen thymus will clear it?  How long should I take it?  I also take dandelion, licorice root (is licorice root make you have high blood pressure), thymus glandular capsules, vitamins a, b12, c, d, e, selenium. if theres anything I should be taking please tell me.

Also i went to see my doctor. its been over 3 months since I had a blood test for my viral count.  I asked him if i could have one and he denied.  Can they do that?  its problably because I told him I was going to try something else.  Still, its not right.  How could he deny me that test.

I got and underactive thyroid because of that interferon.  My doctor gave me synthroid for it.  I stopped taking it.  Would L-tyrosene or did I do the wrong thing by not taking the synthroid.  I've been feeling sick to my stomach after I stopped taking synthroid.  Please help me.  I don't know what to do.

Thank you for listening,

Hi Mel:

Absorbic C is very different than normal C.  It is EDTA.  It goes right thru your colon wall and into the blood.

Licorice root does not cause high blood pressure, it just makes high blood pressure worse if you have it.

I have many clients that have reversed stage 3 fibrosis and stage 4 inflamation using my program and some are documented by before and after biopsy.

Do not take to much vitamin A.

Have you read my book?

What you should take is:
Milk Thistle 400 mg 3 x day
Lipoic Acid 300 mg 3 x day
Selenium 400 mcg per day from all sources
Dandelion Root Tea, 1 quart per day
Natcell Thymus, 1 vial every other day
Properly Prepared Aloe, 4oz 3 or more times a day.
Vitamin C to tolerance
Vitamin B Complex

This would be a good start.

If you are using insurance to pay for blood tests, the doctor is going to screw with you unless you kiss his/her butt.  Best not to tell them you are taking supplements because they frown on it.

Just tell them you are waiting and deciding what you are doing.

I would not take the Synthroid, take natcell thymus, it helps correct the immune system.

In good health

Hi Lloyd,

I had just written earlier and you told me about the absorbic C.  Can i get that in a GNC or do I have to order it?.  I also have one other problem.  I just had a doctor visit, and my doctor will not give me blood work to see what my viral load is.  That upsets me in the worst way because he says he would do anything to help me.  If you can help me with situation I would appreciate it

Somebody that I know told me silver is good for Hep C.  Is this true?  Also from taking interferon, I ended up with an underactive thyroid.  I was taking synthroid but I was so mad at my doctor that I stopped taking it.  I want to take L-Tyrosine.

Thank you for listening and caring,

Hi Melanie:

There is little or nothing that you will find in a GNC that is worth taking.
You get what you pay for and GNC is a junk shop.

I am one of the few places on earth you are going to find absorbic C. This is an item only sold by a few doctors.

The quality of products is very important in your quest to treat hep c.
Aloe in stores is cooked and thus destroyed, vitamin C is from corn syrup which is from genetically altered corn, overall, GNC, Wal-Mart sell junk.
Most people think supplements are supplements and they buy from these stores.

Want to get better?, follow me.

In good health

Hi Lloyd,

I wrote to you a couple weeks ago. I have the hepatitis c and my doctor wouldn't give me the viral load test.  Well, I went to another doctor and he actually is a floor down from my other doctor.  I asked him for the test and he gave it to me.  I was shocked to see my results.

It was 833,000 alt was 25, ast was 27, bil was 0.5.

My last viral load test was January 16, 2004.

It was 233,000. My alt was 20, my ast was 20.

I started the natcell Frozen thymus on march 12.

Is this product working or should I quit using it. I'm scared, I'm angry, and i am frustrated with the whole thing. You said in your book that people quit your program because they don't stay in it long enough. How long should i wait? I just don't want my viral load going up any higher.

Also, I got the vacination for Hepatitis a.  I am getting the second one in july.  You have in your book that getting the vaccine can raise the viral load.  How long and why does it do it?  Do you think I should have it done? sorry for all the questions.  I need all the help I can get.

thanks for your time

Hi Melanie:

It is all over my website, if you take the hep A & or B vaccine your viral load is going to go up.  

I have seen them go up 10s of millions of points.  It takes 9 months to a year before they start to go back down and then it can take years for it to return to where it was before you took it.

The vaccine puts a load on your immune system.  In the past, these shots were only given to a healthy population, school children and the military etc.  There is no good study that shows effects when given to people with liver disease.

I feel the shots are a serious mistake given my research.

It is necessary to know that people with hep C who get hep A get very sick and are at risk of dying.

However, how many people with C get A?

I am not going to ever get them.

The shots are also full of mercury. There are many messages on my message board written by doctors and researchers that tell the horror stories of vaccines.

Your AST & ALT are perfect so you are going to be fine, just will take longer.  Drink my teas, people who drink my teas do better than people who do not.

In good health


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