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About Your Book and the Thymic Products
October 9, 2003

Dear Lloyd,

Just read your book. Laugh out loud funny. Thanks for that. Only if you've been thru it though. Half way thru the year treatment on Rebetron, covered with hives from head to toe, two weeks without sleep from the Claritin D and steroids the emergency room gave me for the hives, Dr. J. said that he had patients who were fine and played golf every day. Said people who have problems are weak mentally. If I had a golf club in my hand I am sure I would have beaten someone to death and right at that moment it would have been the little Indian doctor.

I got up and went to work every day, feeling like death eatin' a cracker. At night I wept at the sight of a toothpaste commercial. They said there was no connection between the welts all over my body and the retched drugs I was taking. They'd never seen that before they said. I paused for a moment considering the penalty for murder in California and realized I was indeed quite strong mentally for not acting out on the impulse.

Instead I calmly explained to him that I was a martial artist, ran marathons and had not long ago hiked to the top of Half-Dome in Yosemite, from the valley to the top and back down again in 7 hours. I worked full-time as a nurse while putting myself thru graduate school and did two years of supervision beyond that in order to obtain a license to practice as a clinical social worker in California. As such, I didn't think it was a function of weakness, but rather side effects to the meds and I really wished he could provide a little something more to help me thru this horrible experience. He recommended I see a psychiatrist.

The interferon/ribavirin worked while I was on it. Soon after the year in hell, the virus came right back. Dr. J. said in his thick Indian accent, "Rrreeely a bummerrr huh?" Went from 5mil to under 200 and shot back up to 3mil at last count over a year ago.

I've quit going to doctors, it's just too annoying. There's just no end to the many ways they can add insult to injury and in the end, they write prescriptions. The last doctor I saw wanted to give me an amphetamine for my fatigue. Instead I have done my own exploration. I'm taking 3,000mg of buffered-time-release vit. c, cats claw, a combo herb Ecliptex from my acupuncturist, Liverite, low dose of vit. e, glucosamine and chondriotin for the joint deterioration, Ginko for the memory problems, and an ayurvedic product for liver that contains all the herbs for liver health plus neem oil. I felt tiny increments better with the addition of most, especially the vit c. The most visible barometer is the red eyes that have lessened with the addition of these products. My acupuncturist says there's a connection between liver and vision.

Okay, I was curious about the thymic products so I asked our doctor here, an endocrinologist. Of course she gives the party line about herbs. Bad for a sick liver, may have pesticides, no hard science (oh, like interferon is this great science and its sooo good for you!). She said there has been some research done with stem cells and thymic cells. She says the cells must be injected or they will be digested. How do you think the thymic products you are recommending might circumnavigate this?

Thanks for listening. I'm quietly and calmly desperate.

D. R.
Huntington Beach, Ca.

D. R.

The chapter in my newest book, Triumph Over Hepatitis C, 2002 illustrated edition tells and references how thymus works and goes thru the digestive system and still works.
In good health



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