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Need Some Help
March 26, 2003

Hi Lloyd and crew,

THE FOG HAS LIFTED. I have followed the first part of your recommendations plus the milk thistle tea, thymus capsules and vitamin C, I cannot even believe how good I feel!!!  While I am still having some gas and irregularity all (ALL) of the other symptoms I had been having are gone and they were gone within days of starting the program. It would be very easy for a person to think ok I'm cured and start neglecting to follow your suggestions.

I have been totally active from the time I get up, usually 6 till I go to bed, usually after 11. For months I was listless and needing to lay down at various times during the day for naps and if I didn't I felt like s___.  I couldn't make it through a day, I still didn't want to admit that I might be having symptoms from hcv.

I realize this is probably hard for some to believe (hear that doc?) but I have nothing else to attribute it to but the herbs and teas.

My wife is amazed too, she says I'm like my old self.  I have given your book to my doctor he is open to alternative treatments.  I just found him since I started your program.  I need someone to do blood work and so forth who takes my insurance.  He looked at my list of supplements from you Lloyd and didn't have much to add.  I can assure you I am now a big fan of dandelion tea!  More updates to follow.

Thank You and God Bless You all,
M. S.

This is an Update from March 7th


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