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Re: in a fog
March 7, 2003


Received your book on Fri. Feb 28th.  Read it over the weekend.   It is Monday morning and I am ready to order products.  Like a lot of others money is an issue, I will purchase what I can to start and go from there.

I am 51 years old male and HCV pos.

I was diagnosed with HCV in 93 while donating blood.  I am not sure of exactly when and where I was infected but because of past drug use I probably have had the virus since the mid 70s.  I can't find any of my test results from that year, I guess I thought if I lost them it would go away.

At the time I was diagnosed I went to a gastro he gave me a biopsy and told me interferon was the only option although he did at least admit that it didn't work very well and had side effects.

I attempted to ask him about nutrition and he proceded to tell me I might as well dump my money down the toilet.  He said "an american diet of Mcdonalds is better than most of the rest of the world as far as nutrition" I never went back to him and lived the next several years ignoring the fact that I had it, although it never really leaves the back of your mind.

I had always taken supplements and worked out and had no noticable effects from HCV, I thought anyway.

In 2000 I found out about an alternative health clinic where I live and started going there.  I had some blood work done and since it didn't disappear like I had hoped I started to take some milk thistle and worry a lot.

They sent me to another gastro who at least was receptive to some alternative therapies.  He gave me another biopsy and said from what he saw compared to the previous one that it had not progressed much and in his opinion if I was lucky I would probably die from something else. yeah right.   He also told me that if I knew of anything to take that might help to go ahead.

I know these are classified different now but
on 1-18-00 my GOT was 56 and GPT was 68 no viral load tested?
on 6-25-02 my GOT was 65 and GPT was 61 viral load 12,000,000.

I have for several years been experiencing extreme tiredness and lack of focus, concetration or whatever.  I always attributed it to burnout from earlier misbehavior bad choices etc. and just pushed through it.

From about late 2000 on there have been additional aches and flulike symptoms, constipation and irregularity, tough to overlook anymore.  After a bout with headaches and chills that lasted a couple months I went to the clinic again.

At this time the Born Clinic in Grand Rapids Mi. recommend that I try some Ultra Violet light treatments, this is where the remove a small amout of blood run it through a device that bathes it in uv light and put it back.  This process is supposed to create a reaction that rids your system of virus, not just hepc all virus.  There is a book about this called "Into the light".

After 12 treatments, one a week, my blood was tested again
on 10-17-02 and my viral load was 7,500,000. no liver enzyme test?
Their suggestion was to continue the UV treatments at one a month or more according to what I could afford.

The problem that I am experiencing is that during and after this process I can't ever seem to get my questions answered.  It's always come in do the uv and take some blood without anyone actually sitting down to lay out a format or program for me to follow.

My wife thinks I am expecting too much.  We have come to the conclusion that they just don't really know.

I am currently in a period where I have cold or flulike symptoms since early Jan 03 and it's now March.  The worst of it all might be the FOG. I have a very difficult time focusing have diziness, light headedness sometimes to the point I just want to lay down.  I keep telling myself it's the flu I have.

What do you think?

The main thing I am looking for is to lift the fog and I had no solution until I found your site.

There is probably much more to this story but I am getting a bit lengthy. Looking forward to talking to you.
M. S.

Hi M:

First I would like to put your message on my message board, all address, names etc are removed. If it is OK, please let me know.

I suggest:
Milk Thistle 400 mg 3 x day
Lipoic Acid 300 mg 3 x day
Selenium 400 mcg per day from all sources
Dandelion Root Tea,
1 quart per day, afternoon and evening. This will get rid of the brain fog.

Dandelion Root Capsules, 3 3 x day
Drink lots of water
Natcell Thymus 1 vial every other day or TLM.
Properly Prepared Aloe 4 oz 3 or more times a day

These items will do more for you than anything you have tried to date.

If you can afford it, take these as well:
Vitamin C to tolerance
Vitamin B Complex 1 3 x day
Reishi Tea, 3 cups a day
Milk Thistle Seed Tea 3 cups a day
Thymus Capsules 3 x day
Coral Legend as directed on the bottle

You will be emailing me about how great the difference is.
I am here for any future questions.

In good health

Hi Lloyd,

Thanks for the reply. Of course use my message. I placed my order and am looking forward to sending some positive followups.



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