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legal help-remember me?
June 17, 2003

Hi Lloyd-

Oh boy!  What would we do without someone like you to champion the "little people".  I don't know if you remember me.  I have recently been in touch with you about legal representation for my permanent injuries due to PEG-Intron.  You gave me the contact of your attorney, Patrick.
Thank you Lloyd!

I have been in contact with Patrick.  He is involved in a trial in San Francisco and says he wants to meet with me at the end of this week.  We actually have something in common, since he once lived about 5 miles from me in my home town.

Lloyd, here is my problem.  Patrick says that he is very interested in taking on the case.  He says that he has adequate experience and resources to take on Schering.  He has asked me to see if I can get firm committments from 5-10 people similarly injured by Schering (permanent muscle/nerve damage resulting in disability with use of arms/legs).  I have been in contact with a woman named Donna (who I found on your website "disabling effects from toxicity?") and we have been trying to gather up people.  Yesterday, Donna informed me that her personal home-town attorney (in Texas) has actually filed!!!  Yeah!!  But now, she cannot sign on with Patrick.

Lloyd - if you know of any of these people (cannot lift arms, cannot grip/write/lift, cannot walk, etc) - can you please see if we can contact each other - or if they can contact Patrick?  I am afraid that he won't take the case if I can't get more people.

I do have one other option I have been working on.  In the meantime, let me know if you can help.  You can at least share with Patrick what you know about Schering maybe.

Thank you again and again for all your help.  Keep up the great work!

Ann G.

Lets help people crippled by schering's peg intron.
People are permentally damaged and killed by peg intron every day.
More than they want you to know.

Most of these people were never informed as to the huge number of serious side effects that peg does cause.

One way to try and get them to at least let people know what they are in for is to sue them.  I do not like law suits either but this is the way the American justice system works.  We can not just go in and shoot someone, we have to sue them.

So if anyone has been injured or you know of or had a reletive who was killed by peg intron or interferon, call me at 877 676 1615

I will foreword the list with you number to Patrick.

This is about JUSTICE.
Please, just people permentally damaged by peg intron or interferon.

Thank you
Lloyd Wright
877 676 1615


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