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Greater Than, Update
April 22, 2002

Hi Lloyd,

As you suggested I called the lab regarding my viral load blood work. They gave me the correct prescription:

[ NGI HCV Superquant, If greater than 5 million do REFLEX 1:10 Dilution ].

I am hoping now after 6 months to finally get an exact number. I literally had a verbal fight with my doctor on the phone to get him to order it for me.

I just don't understand his rational, I mean wouldn't it be better to have a base line? All he keeps talking about is biopsy and Rebetron treatment.  I'm Type 1a, ALT at 14, and viral load greater than 2,000,000 UL/ml.  Everything I read says I'm not a good candidate for Rebetron treatment yet he keeps pushing it.  Among other distortions and misrepresentations I've herd from him over the last 6 months (I usually don't challenge him) he told me 70% of patients with genotype 1a respond to treatment, I almost fell off my chair, when I made him aware of the fact that I knew the real numbers he said what he meant was 70% of his patients, not the national average, had sustained remission.  I know what he meant, he means to say anything true or untrue to get me to do what he wants.  I feel like I'm being hustled, he puts the hard close on me every time I see him.

He's got to be getting kick backs from the drug companies, he's pushing so hard. It's not just Schering-Plough, it's sleeping pills because you can't sleep, anti inflammatory for the muscle aches, pain killers for the headaches, anti depressants to elevate you mood, I'm sure the list goes on and on. I felt like telling him, listen buddy I'm not interested in being your new income stream for the next 15 years.

However it is difficult, I have mixed feelings whenever I see him, I feel like I'm looking medical science in the eye, turning up my nose, walking away and maybe I should be listening. I've always believed in my intuition, my gut feelings about things and I just don't feel right with his recommendation to ingest that mega load of toxic crap.

I know this is a difficult disease but my body has never let me down, at least not yet and I want to give it the chance to save my life for me. I think my body has allot better idea of what to do for me than any of the doctors I've talked too in the last 6 months.

I'm going to bet on the body God made for me, on my immune system to figure out what to do. In my gut it feels right to me. So I'll remain patient and keep doing what I've been doing, the program has dropped my ALT from 61 to 14 and my AST from 47 to 35 over the last 6 months with no side effects. But I still have allot of fatigue, muscle aches and I'd really like to see my viral load numbers come down, it worries me.

Well it's time for my nightly quart of dandelion tea. I'll email you my exact viral load numbers when I get them. Thanks for all your help.

Take care,

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