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Greater Than
April 15, 2002

Hi Lloyd,

I received my viral load blood work today, greater than 2,000,000 IU/ml, my pervious test on 10/25/2001 was greater than 850,000 IU/ml. I just can't seem to get an exact number from my doctor. It's very frustrating, it's impossible to tell if the treatment is having an effect on my viral load from these two tests. On 10/25/2001 my ALT was 61 IU/L and AST 47 IU/L in my new blood work the ALT was 14 IU/L and AST 35 IU/L which is normal and I'm happy about that.

It's been 5 1/2 months since I started your program. Do you know the name of the test that gives the exact viral load, the doctor said anything over 2,000,000 they don't give exact numbers, is that true? I'd really like to know what that number is.

Take care.

I see viral load tests every day with exact numbers from 100 to over one hundred and ten million. You doctor is just not with it. PCR HCV RNA (viral load) Quantative.
That is what is written on my prescriptions. I know others get that same prescription and get a range.

Call the lab and ask for a test with an exact number
and then tell your doctor what the lab needs to see.

You first test, over 850.000 could have been anything.
You second test over 2.000.000 could be anything so you have no base line.
I have talked to 1000s of people who are very frustrated by this same problem caused by the lack of educated doctors.  
Call the lab.



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