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The First Naturopathic-Quality Milk Thistle

8 to 10 times more absorbable than 80% standardized extract.
 Currently part of the Bastyr University HCV protocol.
ONLY available On-Line through this site.

UltraThistle is one of the key elements of the Hepatitis C protocol being studied at the Bastyr University Research Institute (sponsored by the NIH/NCCAM).

This key element is Siliphos®, exactly as found in UltraThistle™.

High potency UltraThistle™ is specifically prescribed by Leanna Standish, ND, PhD, Senior Research Scientist and director of the Bastyr Hepatitis C Clinic.

UltraThistle™ supercharges the absorption of the most beneficial component of milk thistle and exponentially increases its ability to reach and protect liver cells.

Using supercharged absorption for greatest effectiveness, UltraThistle™ gets 8 to 10 times more silybin to your liver than any common 80% standardized milk thistle extract.

The following chart of clinical study results accurately represents the superior systemic delivery of silybin when administered as part of Siliphos® versus 80% standardized silymarin or pure silybin.

Notice how much more silybin reaches the bloodstream, and therefore the liver, when absorption is supercharged by the patented Phytosome® process.

Blood Levels of Silybin

Michael Murray, ND, talks about this increased effectiveness
in the following excerpt from an article about Phytosomes®:

“... Although silymarin is quite effective clinically, it is not very bioavailable. In contrast, binding one molecule of silybin with two molecules of phosphatidylcholine in the Phytosome® process creates a highly bioavailable new form. The Phytosome® form is far superior to simple silybin every respect.”

(Go directly to Dr. Murray's information-packed website to read more about the Phytosome® process or to access an article about Siliphos®, the active ingredient in UltraThistle.)

Lise Alschuler, ND, wrote the following about the Phytosome® form of milk thistle extract in an article entitled, "Milk Thistle: Goals and Objectives"

"...eight men and women with viral chronic hepatitis B or C were treated with a silybin-phosphatidylcholine complex for two months. According to the authors of the study, this lipophilic complex has demonstrated superior bioavailability compared to silymarin complex alone... The authors concluded that this complex may effectively improve hepatic function in patients with chronic active hepatitis..."

To learn more about the clinical superiority of UltraThistle™ examine this Index of Clinical Studies published research results.


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