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UltraThistle:  The First Naturopathic-Quality Milk Thistle

The First Naturopathic-Quality Milk Thistle

Bastyr Protocal

Bastyr University is considered by many physicians worldwide to be one of the pre-eminent naturopathic medical colleges.

Under the auspices of the Bastyr University Research Institute (BURI), the Bastyr Hepatitis C Clinic is treating and monitoring patients in order to "evaluate a science based naturopathic medical protocol for the treatment of people diagnosed with hepatitis C".

Please note: The first product on this list is Siliphos® in the exact dosage found in UltraThistle™. In fact, at this time, UltraThistle is the only product available to practitioners in this dosage.

360 mg
1 cap tid
Anti-inflammatory, antioxidant, anti-fibrotic, iron chelator, increased mitosis of healthy hepatocytes.
Glycyrrhiza 800 mg
(Licorice Root Extract,
6% Glycyrrhizin)
1 cap tid
Anti-inflammatory, antioxidant, stabilizes hepatocyte membranes.
300 mg
(ursodeoxycholic acid)
1 cap bid
Restores damaged bile ducts, induces choleresis, stabilizes hepatocyte membrane by preventing solubilization of cholesterol and phospholipids, increases hepatic blood flow.
0.6 mg
1 cap bid
5 days
per week
Enhances collagenase expression, stimulates collagenase secretion, inhibits collagen synthesis by hepatic fibroblasts, decreases IL-1.
(1200 mg soy phosphalids complex and 420 mg phosphalidylcholine)
2 cap tid
Protects and stabilizes hepatocyte membrane Hepatoprotection against xenobiotics. Primary source of choline.
Vitamin E 400 IU
1 gelcap bid
Hepatoprotective by directly inhibiting lipid peroxidation.
Selenium citrate
200 mcg
1 cap bid
Antioxidant, incorporated to selenocysteine, a component of glutathione peroxidase, necessary for catalyzing reduction of peroxides.
(alpha-lipoic acid)
100 mg
2 cap tid
Chelates iron, antioxidant, free radical scavenger. Helps maintain hepatic vitamin C and E levels. Increases reduced glutalhione.

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