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September 24, 2003

Dawne recently received an email regarding a biopsy experience.
The following is that email. After the email Dawne's reply to it.

Dear Dawn, You would do everyone a much bigger favor by taking your biopsy experience off of the internet because it does more harm than good and I for one, am so very sorry that I stumbled on to this site. Reading about your experience caused me undue alarm, fear, anxiety and nightmares. Thank you very much. Like you said, everyone is different,so everyone should find out for themselves. You are not helping anyone.

Dawne's Reply
I look at things a bit different I guess. I feel everyone has the right to know. I stated that it was just my experience and that it is not the same for everyone. People have the right to know what can happen. If I didn't tell people then I would be in a sense lying....hiding the truth. You may not like reading it but it is the truth and people do have the right to know. My site is not a medical site, it is a personal experience site. Anyone that would use these sites for medical advice would be foolish. There are plenty of Medical sites out there...Have you ever typed in liver biopsy in your search engine? You will find all kinds of medical sites dealing with biopsies along with personal sites explaining a persons experience. I refuse to take something off my site because it scares you. I guess the truth can scare us all. Anyone that would have nightmares, undue alarm and anxiety from reading a biopsy experience should not be allowed Internet acess.

I would like to share my biopsy experience with all of you. I am not trying to place fear in you but rather, be honest. You need to remember that everyone is different and that just because I had a rough time, it doesn't mean you will.

The procedure itself was not that bad. They used an ultasound to find the liver and make an X to mark the spot. They gave me a shot to numb the surface where they were going to go in for the biopsy. They told me to breath in and hold my breath until they told me to breath. You must do this as it kinda moves other organs out of the way. It felt like a small pinch and was over before I knew it. They placed a bandage over the site and had me lay on my right side. About 1/2 hour later I got a pain up in my left shoulder and they dais this is normal for some people and is called refered pain. They told me I had to lie there for a few hours and they would be back to check on me. Soon I felt this horrible chest pain and found it hard to breath. Of course I didnt have a call button near me. I just layed there and the pain became worse. I was really getting scared and by this time I could not sit up, I could not breath in enough air to allow me to yell. Finally a nurse came and I told her I couldnt breath and that my chest hurt. She called the doctor back down and he ordered a chest X-ray to make sure they had not knicked my lung.

The doctor took a look at the X-ray and told me that I had some internal bleeding and that the blood had collected around my diaphram, causing me the pain and difficulty breathing. They immediatly started an IV and through the IV line they gave me 75 mg. of Demerol. That did the trick and I felt much better. That seemed to work but about 3 hours later as they were getting ready to discharge me, the pain came back. It was worse than it was before. The doctor ordered 100mg of Demerol and 1/2 hour later they discharged me. We live an hour away from the hospital and we were about 1/2 way home and the pain was beginning to return. I decided to tough it out and continue home. I can remember thinking to myself that surely they would not of discharged me if they had expected the pain to return and be as intense.

Once home everyone had things to do and places to go, so I thought I would just lie down and rest. MISTAKE!. Once I lied down the pain got very intense. I could not get up, the pain was so bad. Thank God I had the cordless phone on my bed and I was able to call my daughter. She came over and after some time I managed to get out of the bed. Back to the hospital we went. More Demerol and a pressure bandage. I had to lie on my side again for 8 hours and getting a shot of Demerol evey 4 hours.

Now let me tell you that I am not a whimp. I have had several major surgeries and have always done just fine. I usually dont take much pain meds. But this was horrible. I will never have another one done. I will never ever forget how intense that pain was. I had heard of other people having biopsy's with little or no pain. I really was not prepared for anything like this. I am so glad that it is all behind me now. They will never get me to do another one.

PLEASE remember that this was my experience and that it by no means will be yours. To all going for thier biopsy...Good Luck.




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