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September 21, 2003

Hi Lloyd,

This is an important find...It turns out a long lost friend who is a doctor has been involved with this company.  I met with them on Saturday last about getting into their human trial program for HCV.  A brief summary is; Viral Genetics is a public company, LA based, who have developed a product called TNP which turns on the human immune system to deal with HIV/AIDS, Hepatitus C, and a side benefit is that it also treats the herpes virus.  It has almost no side effects, is an eight week course of injections and requires no ongoing medication, unlike current HIV programs.   TNP stands for Thymus Nuclear Protein, and is extracted from calves thymus gland.
(Not bad huh, someone is finally going down the right road)

So far they've done at least 5 human trials on terminal AIDS patients with, if I understand their charts correctly, a 99% virus undetectible rate.  Some patients were clear in 4 weeks, others were clear at follow up monitoring up to 2 years later.  Side effects are limited to, slight inflammation at site of injection and fatigue, which ceased with ceasation of treatment.

TNP works by a) waking up the immune system b) by painting the non mutating
stealth marker on the HIV virus with a chemical that allows the immune system to see the virus and attack it.

Needless to say, all of this is wonderful news, isn't it.

They have a substantial range of human tests currently under way around the world, China, South Africa, Mexico and Canada, that I know of. Their main focus is currently on AIDS, but HCV is fast becoming the next focus, and they have successfully treated HCV people with the same results as HIV, and doctors in hospitals are calling them to get their patients, especially children, who cannot be put on Interferon, on their program.  Although I cannot divulge who, I think you know someone well known in the HCV world, who's 10 year old son has just been treated with TNP.

The company is currently seeking investors/donors to raise 2 million dollars to pay for the IND fast track program here in the US.  I thought that not only could you be interested in knowing all of this info, but that you might be able to assist them with fund raising. I have a pile of documentation here from them, and they are more than willing to meet with people who understand what they are doing and want to help.

This could be the breakthrough we've all been waiting for, and yes, I'm going to buy shares.   If this is of interest, I'd like to meet you briefly, I live and work on the west side of LA, and give you their documents. If you think you can help or have questions I can arrange a meeting.



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