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good results
September 1, 2003

Hi Lloyd

I called you in July and sent you my test results I had been on your program at that time for almost 4 months.

1-13-03 I had a blood text taken after the Dr. was treating what he thought was walking pneumonia I kept telling him I think it is my HCV.  After many texts that he wanted to take he said OK In doing a virus RNA Test.   My virus was up to 1,603,720.

He referred me back to the gastroenterology, That I refused to do his poisons In the past SO here we go again with a different one in March.   So in March I started your program which I was told it was vow do that there was nothing I could drink or eat that would change my situation.   I took the text again after almost four months on your program.   I was feeling so good looking good I thought for sure I was killing the virus.

But I got my new test results done in 7-18-03 it was 1,892,230 I was floored how could this be.  I called you and you were very surprised to and told me to change things up a bit so I did I added colloidal silver and stared Juicing for breakfast, carrots, beets and cucumbers, salad for lunch and small dinner what ever I was feeding my family. a long with your program not giving up hope.

My family was breathing down my back to go on the poison. My marriage was heeding toward Divorce because now he did not want to pay for this any more, and felt I was being taken.  My Husband made me see another Dr that only treats HCV and travels around the country with low doses of the poison and works his way up and does not believe in doing the Biopsy every other Dr. felt was necessary.  He also thought stay on what your doing if it makes you feel better.  Well one month later 8-25-03 test result 1,200,000 They were very surprised.  I think my virus was much hirer than I knew about and my new DR. feels so to, he says that if your virus count is 1,000,000. it can mutate to 2,000,000. in 2 hours and then 2,000,000. to 4,000,000.  He says he has never seen anyone stick to such a regiment like this be for and keep up with it and my enzymes are normal for the first time in 3 years.

Don't ever give up people.  I also prayed alot.  God can do anything he wants if you show him you really want something.  Keep the faith and the program and juice TAKE CARE HAVE FAITH AND LIVE DREAMS



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