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Genotype 1A with "mild" Liver Damage
September 1, 2003


I began participating in your herb regiment in mid-February 2003 following an herbal flush that lasted two weeks. I initially ordered the TLM and various other herbs from your program. I did purchase significant other herbs from local stores, but I was frustrated with sales people trying to sell me anything that had a label. I noticed herbs on the shelves that were outdated (!) and the teas were not always organic. A few months ago, I decided to dedicate my purchasing power to you Lloyd. I believe and trust in you and your program.

I originally tested Genotype 1A and my liver biopsy indicated there was "mild" liver damage. Here are my lab results:

JANUARY 21, 2003 3,515,000 45 53
AUGUST 20, 2003 3,875,00 27 48

Lloyd, I was especially pleased with ALT score, as I am well within the normal range and the AST continues to drop in the normal range. I am concerned with my recent lab showing my RNA has increased significantly by 360,000. I am confused. Should I have another lab test, or does this happen? I am open to any suggestions and I am practicing patience.

I thought that I should add, my internist and gastronologist recommend me for interferon, no thanks.


Hi G.

This does happen. Most people who are persistent have the viral load go
down.  To many get a test like yours and quit.  Fortunately, many keep it up
and see the viral load go down.

Liver damage is usually caused when the AST and ALT are high.

Getting them down and keeping them down is very important.

The viral load should follow, it is the thing that my program has success with that others do not.  I suggest keeping things going.  Usually there is something that makes the viral load go up and I usually can pin point it with long discussions, however, yours has not gone up enough to be more than the difference in tests.

Hopefully the next one will be good.  Read my message board to see how many
others have had this happen.

Thank you for sending this to me.
In good health


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