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More Question!
September 15, 2003

Hello Lloyd,

Thank you, you have been a great help.  You are probably going to be sick of me, by the time I get this together, but I have a few more questions, before I can get this order together.

1. If I start this while I am still on the Pegasus, how long to I stay on the Pegasus?  And how do I quit it?  Do I taper off or just cold turkey quit?   I know I should ask my doctor these questions, but he will just lie to me and try to keep me on it and my husband and I decided that I am going to quit it and try your method.  I just hope it is not to late coming.

If you are non detected, stay on it for at least 4 more shots after you start my program.  I have had people do this many times.  Non detected people relapse because there immune system is destroyed from the drug, when they stop, hcv comes back.  My program will help stop it from coming back by building up your immune system.

2. I have been on your Web today trying to put a regimen together so I can order it and get started.  I am still a little confused about a couple of things.   Like I said my brain is not working to well.

You have several ways to buy these products, but their dosages are different. The Reg Nat Cell Thymus, Liver, Adrenal, and Mesenchyme, is 8 vials taken once a week.  And the Lloyds Nat Cell is 24 vials taken twice a week for one of them.  So what is the difference?   Is this a different amount or what is the reasoning behind this, and which one should I be taking?

Wrong!  What you are reading is the supplemental dose given by Atrium.   You will be taking a theraputic dose.  Liver, adrenal, Mesenchyme are 2 vials a week, there are 8 in a box.  Lloyds natcell thymus is 24 vials in a box and is taken 1 vial every other day.

3. I forgot to tell you that my muscles are deterating something terrible.  I was so strong, three years ago I landscaped an acre of raw desert land into a botanical garden all by myself and I looked great.
Try my new natcell Remilym.  It is not on site yet but I have it, I have been trying it as it is new, stops muscle pain and helps heal, amazing stuff, I am really impressed with it.

Today, my left calf has a hole in it that hurts and I can touch my bone with my finger.  All of my muscles seem to be going away and I have horrible deep bone pain that hurts so bad that I cry and even think of ending it all, cause I just can't stand the pain.  So my question is, do you think I should maybe take the Nat Cell Mesenchyme, also?

Yes and flexcell from natcell, it is amazing as well.  These new products from natcell feed your body things it has not had before in a state that can has not been seen before.  Sounds like interferon is doing a number on you.

4. Because of the HH, I am leery about the Vitamin C because of it's relationship with bonding the iron.  Can you give me some personal input on this?

It does not cause a problem in this area.   I have posted extensive material on this issue.  The doctors are wrong.

5. How much of the bulk tea will I need if I drink a pot a day to last a month?

1 pound of dandelion root tea, 2 pounds of milk thistle, 1 pound of licorice if you do not have high blood pressure, will last longer than one month

1 pound of cats claw, drink at night, will last for a few months, taste horrible.

I hope that is it. I f you could answer these questions for me, then I will send you a list of what I want to order and you can give me a price, and we will get this going. I am in trouble and have to get this started. My last shot gave me a bad bruise, I have had diarrhea all night and day and terrible chills. Got to get off this stuff!

Thank you Lloyd,

Jacqueline F.

See what interferon can do to you.


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