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New Dating Website for Hep-C Singles
September 14, 2003

Dear Fellow Heppers,

In May of 2002, at the age of 46, I was to receive a shocking phone-call and a diagnosis that would dramatically change my life. But, what started as a negative situation soon turned into many positive ones. I am hoping that my story will inspire people in several ways.

My name is Robin DeLuca and I am a single mom of a 17-year old son, living in New York with the Hepatitis C Virus. In fact, I'd been living with this virus for many years but it was overlooked and undiagnosed (by those in the medical profession) throughout those years. My liver is now in stage 3, grade 3 Hepatitis C, advanced stage fibrosis (the stage immediately before Cirrhosis) and if I had been properly diagnosed years earlier, my liver would be in a much healthier state.

It is shocking how ignorant the medical community is about Hepatitis C and how uninformed is the general public-at-large. There are over 5.8 million people living with Hepatitis C, in the U.S. alone, and only about 5% of these people even know they have it. There are approximately 100 - 120 million people worldwide living with this virus. It is four times more prevalent than the Aids Virus and is called "The Silent Killer" because most people are not aware they have it until it is too late (I found out quite by accident)! Although I believe I contracted this virus through two blood transfusions received in 1985, this virus can be transmitted through something as seemingly harmless as a manicure at a nail salon.

Due to the negligence of the medical community and because I went undiagnosed for so many years, I dangerously exposed my son to this virus but with a great sigh of relief, he did not contract it. I have however, come to know of unfortunate situations where parents have passed this virus onto their children (because the parent was not properly diagnosed since the virus was discovered in 1992 - and all it takes to discover the virus is a simple blood test!). By heightening public awareness, I would hope we could avoid such dreadful situations in the future.

Currently (and for the past year) I am taking weekly injections of Interferron to try to reverse my liver damage (In total, I am on 13 various medications.) Thus far, I am considered a "non-responder" to the treatment but continue to try with the help of my doctor, Dr. Melissa Palmer.

Since being diagnosed, one of the positive situations that came about was that I started a website for singles living with Hepatitis C called . The site offers friendship, support and the hope of love and romance for singles living with Hepatitis C. I have received innumerous letters from members, thanking me for starting such a site. ( is rapidly growing and I have members registered from as far as Punjab, India.)

I am hoping that you and your radio show will share in my passion and the urgency needed in spreading the word about Hepatitis C, how it is transmitted and the devastating affects it can have. Also, the Hep C Singles site I have created is a much-needed site for those of us living with this disease. There is still so much ignorance about the disease and unfortunately a horrible stigma attached.

Peace, health and best,
Robin DeLuca

P.S. I have also recently become a volunteer for the New York Organ Donor Network ( and will be speaking publicly about the dire need for organ donors. Just one donor can save or improve up to 50 lives through organ and tissue transplants!



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