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Fw: Misinformation on your TV show
September 13, 2003

Hi Lloyd
This is a letter I wrote to FX network regarding their information from a doctor to a patient regarding HCV----------Lloyd, every time I hear stuff like this I get really upset. (PISSED OFF IS MORE LIKE IT). I don't know if you want to write to them, who knows, you may get somebody famous to help you with getting the message out.


Subject: Yet Another TV show errors about Hep C transmission

Yet Another TV show errors about Hep C transmission

The popular FX series NipTuck aired tonight with a male patient blood results showing him to be positive for Hep C virus. The doctor informed him that he got it through one of his female sexual contacts.

While watching your show NIP/TUCK------------- You have made many incorrect statements about HCV ----------- First of all Hepatitis C is not an STD! ---------  While many of us recieved this virus from blood transfusions and various other sources, studies have showed that Hep C was not even tested for until 90-91.

I recieved a Blood Transfusion in 1985, back when blood banks were paying $5.00, a cup of orange juice and a muffin to lower economic individuals who needed the money.

Your information about "Dr. Troy" telling a patient that he probably recieved this virus from one of his sexual encounters is absurd.

While the media casts a great amount of misinformation about HCV to the public and now on FAKE T.V. SHOWS, a soap opera of sorts, you are sending the wrong message about this virus.

I am forwarding this email to someone who is an expert in the field. I don't know if he will contact you------he might be just as disgusted with your information as i am.

D ------- HCV positive ----- Not an STD!



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