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Re: hep changes
September 12, 2003

Dear Lloyd,

I am writing to get some information from you.  Or let me say your opinion.  In Dec of 2002 I had my first blood work done after being diagnosed with hep c in oct.  My alt count was 70 and my heptimax was 723000 and heptimax copies was 1952100.  I really dont know what those numbers mean since he kind of booted me out when I didn't want treatment.

I just had blood work done on aug 19, 2003 and my alt count was 47 and my ast was 38 and I didn't get a heptimax done they just stated positive for hepatitis c.  I wanted to start on your thymus extract but wanted to see what my viral load was first.  Do you think I need to go and take another test so we know what the difference will be when on the thymus.

I hate going to these places all they do is keep telling me I need treatment...   My dr. said not to be excited about the normal counts as it's the viral load that is important, it can get worse while the alt and ast get better.  HELP!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!  I am on alot of your products now and wanted to add the thymus extract.

Please help me on this...
Thank you,
Pam S.

Hi Pam:

When my program drops your viral load the doctor is going to say it does not matter, I hear it every day several times.

They will do anything they can to sell you interferon that does not work and I suspect that this must be greed because doctors all across the country are doing it, they are not stupid so they know it does not work, if someone gets non-detected, they relapse.

That is if someone follows them, they usually are not followed because it makes the drug look better.

This whole mess needs to be torn down, like we did to Iraq.  We really should fix our selves first.

Your viral load is very low and is not that important.  It is important to have your AST and ALT in reference range.  If it is out of reference range, it can cause damage.

The viral load isn't related to symptoms, AST or ALT.  The most important item about viral load is when it is non-detected.

You can get a viral load test if you want to know.  Be sure it is one with an exact number, not a range test.

Try and always get the same test from the same lab so they can be compared.

In good health

Dear Lloyd,

Thanks so much for responding to my emails.  I just got my numbers today for my RNA it was 354000 it was 723000 before.  Do you think I still need the thymus extract? Please advise.  All my numbers are good.  I am feeling great, I am on alot of your products now and others I buy at health food stores.  Please let me know what you think.

Thanks so much for your help. I am working hard to get rid of this thing.

Sincerely, Pam

Hi Pam:

I would not stop until it is gone.

I do appreciate you keeping me informed abut your improvement.

Thank you


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