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Re: My Test Results
September 10, 2003

Hi Lloyd:

I told you I'd send you the results of my HCV/RNA testing that I had done at the Univ. of Va Digestive Health Care Clinic a couple of weeks ago:

My Last test like this was done on 10/28/02 and it was 3,510,000 IU/ml
(ouch that's high!)--

I started taking Natcell TLM and Thymus plus alot of other "stuff" on February 15, 2003.

On 8/13/03 the test said it was 705,367 IU/ml (that's a huge change)--

Do you know if it matters that the resutls were from two different labs?   I would think that wouldn't matter, as long as they both use the IU/ml unit of measure.   Do you agree?  If this is true, I'm totally psyched!!  In just six months it's gone down 2,804,633 IU/ml.

You were right about the Medical Doctor there.  He wasn't even phased about the drop, besides saying that it was a "significant reduction", but that when they put someone on Interfereon they're not excited until it gets below 100,000, and that I still have ALOT of it in there, so basically not for me to get too excited.  But I am anyway!  At this pace, I should get to nothing in there really soon.   I'm going to go for another six months and have it tested again.   I asked him how long it usually took for someone on Interferon to see these kinds of results and he said "I don't really know".   Now he's playing stupid for some reason!  I guess he just doesn't want to go there.

Anyway, I'd thought you'd be interested in the results. They really are dramatic.

Thanks for all of your help.
B: (female)

Hi B:

I am very sorry that it has taken me so long to answer your email.
I am a few days behind.

Some times if different labs are used the test results are different but not as much as you are reporting.

As long as they are IU/ml and the same PCR they should be some what close.
I am pleased about your results!

I have not been able to locate your blood work.  Did you mail it?

Thank you for sending me your results, I wish every one would.

In good health


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