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Transmission of hepatitis B, hepatitis C
and human immunodeficiency viruses
through unsafe injections in the developing world:

October 7, 2003

model-based regional estimates
A. Kane, J. Lloyd, M. Zaffran, L. Simonsen, & M. Kane

Hepatitis C (HCV) = four times the rate of infection than HIV in Sub Saharan Africa.

<<< Something is very wrong >>>

How did Sub Saharan Africa become so infected with Hepatitis C, since Governments blame the HIV epidemic on sex???

The Answer is "no universal precautions' and 'jet gun injections."

Click on Picture to enlarge
or use the link below to view the graph.

Should patients with hepatitis C change their sexual practices if they have only one long-term steady sex partner? No.
What is hepatitis C?

Hepatitis C is a liver disease caused by the hepatitis C virus (HCV), which is found in the blood of persons who have this disease. HCV is spread by contact with the blood of an infected person.
John Mazzuchi, deputy assistant secretary of defense for health affairs clinical and program policy said, "In fact, a nationwide alert by the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention of a possible Hepatitis C epidemic "is really more of an epidemic of discovering what was," ...  
When are we going to start addressing the real risk factors that exist for the Hepatitis C epidemic?
If the General Public does not think they're at risk, they will not get tested!!
"Nothing could be further from the truth." Lack of addressing all methods responsible for transmission of the Hepatitis C virus explains why only 20% of our people know about their infection."

Tricia Lupole
National Coordinator
Hepatitis C Movement for Awareness 

              ~All jet guns tested transmit hepatitis~ 

"...models tested transmitted more than 10 pl of blood, the minimum amount required for hepatitis....."   P.N. Hoffman, Laboratory of Hospital Infection, Central Public Health Laboratory, 61 Colindale Ave., London NW9 5HT, UK.,
CDC Hepatitis Surveillance 1993 Viral Hepatitis Surveillance Program, 1993
Centers for Disease Control and Prevention
Issued April, 1996
Hepatitis C / NonA, NonB Hepatitis
Graph for exposure frequency of HCV

Table 2: Crude Frequency of Potential Sources for Acquiring Viral Hepatitis Characteristics, 1993

Click on pictures to enlarge graphs or use the links provided.
Age reported risk factors

 Rank of reported risk factors


Average % for reported risk factors


Read the complete report

IF YOU................
IF you were exposed to medical or dental procedures prior to universal precaution, beginning around 1992, PLEASE GET TESTED

IF you received jet gun injection PLEASE GET TESTED!
     School immunization campaigns
     Public Health campaigns,
     Military Dependent campaigns,

IF you received the small pox vaccine by either jet gun injection or by the "special"  bifurcated needles, PLEASE GET TESTED!
     These needles were dipped in alcohol and reused.
     Alcohol does not kill Hepatitis C, neither does bleach.
IF you received any shots from glass cylinder syringes and
reusable needles, PLEASE GET TESTED!
IF any kind of Needle, Vial or Paraphernalia was reused during a shot, PLEASE GET TESTED!
Most frequent:
     Pain Clinics.
     Vitamins by injection.
     IV bags injected from reused vials.
     IV drug users (this includes sharing snorting items also.)

The is a public service announcement brought to you by the Hepatitis C Movement for Awareness. Learn more about transmission methods for Hepatitis C at



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