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Dr. Hulda Clark and the FTC Update
October 3, 2003

FTC Update #5: Temporary Agreement

For information on Dr. Hulda Clark go to

Dear Guest of!
by David P. Amrein

The past couple of weeks I have been writing to you about our case against the Federal Trade Commission (FTC).

This week we made a little progress. We have signed an agreement with the FTC that will allow us to keep the information on the web site until the hearing in October. You can find it here.

The agreement allows us to run both the information web site and the products web site, as long as the two are not linked to each other. Most of the links have already been removed, the rest will be removed over the weekend.

So, bookmark both web sites, because the two are no longer linked! We cannot provide any product information on the shop website, and we can't provide a link to the shop from the informational website!

Also, my e-zines will be either purely informational or purely product oriented.

If you should find any remaining links that I overlooked as of Monday, please send me an email and you get a $30 reward towards your next products purchase if you are the first to report it.

Our wholesalers should be advised that they, too, cannot make any of the claims mentioned in the agreement with the FTC about our products.


I would like to thank everyone who wrote a letter and voiced their opinion. It is more important than you might think.

But note that this agreement is only temporary.  The hearing for a preliminary injunction will be October 30. There the judge could still decide to shut down the website altogether. So your continued support is necessary! Keep writing letters! It is important that the judge and the FTC see that there is much public interest in the website being up.   Go here to find out where to write letters.

The preliminary injunction, if issued, will be valid until the issues have been discussed in court. The hearing for the actual case is set for February 9.

We will let you know in time about rallies before these court dates.

But the agreement this week is giving me hope that we can find a solution with the FTC that will still keep the information available on the website available for you.

Sincerely Yours
David P. Amrein
President, Dr. Clark Research Association



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