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Your Wonderful Books
October 3, 2003

Dear Lloyd Wright,

Thank you very much for sending me free copies of your books.  I read, Triumph Over Hepatitis C, last night.  I couldn't put the book down.  I read the whole thing.

I found your book very informative and very well written.   I had already started rethinking my life, wanting to change my many bad eating habits and take better care of myself.  I had decided years ago that the interferon treatment didn't seem to be worth all the side affects.  I had kind of wondered if this decision was wrong and if I was making the right choice.

I already don't trust our government and know that anything that they have their hands in always turns out to be bad.  They don't give anything for nothing.  Anytime you dig beyond what they portray as a good thing that they have done for you, you can find that they have done for themselves and haven't done a damned thing for you but stepped on you to gain something for themselves.

That's what the democrats don't seem to realized.  We don't have anything to gain by running to our government to help us.  We have to help ourselves.  I could go on an on on this but you seem to already know this.

Living in the chicken capital of the world, I already knew about us feeding cows chicken manure, not to mention all the hormones that causes kids to go through puberty at an early age.

I also know many government conspiracies that would make people's hair stand on end but people don't want to hear it.  So, I can understand your frustration.

I feel that AIDs and hepatitis C were no accident and was given to the mass population by our government as a very insane way to control population and to make us weak so we can't be strong against them.

An interesting subject for you to look up on the Internet is type chemtrails in your search bar.  When I found out about this, years ago I asked a retiring air force pilot friend about it.   At the time there where chemtrails in the sky.  I pointed them out to him and asked if this was normal.  He said no.  He said that normal contrails dissipate quickly.  In order for these to stay in the air like they were, the jets had to be spraying something.

I have seen with my own eyes, One day, I saw 4 jets taking all day on a sunny cloudless day, creating a huge black cloud that lasted the whole following day.  This way the day before veterans day in the year 1999.

Our government is making us sick on purpose and killing us off on purpose.   That is why you couldn't and never will get them to cooperate with you.  I also warn you that if you put up too much of a fight on this, they will find a way to try to shut you up so be careful.

Most people that know me think that I am a little crazy and over react and a right wing extremist nut.  (The FBI came up with that label).

I have a 3.6 GPA in college and I live a very happy life.  I just keep my eyes open and look beyond the fast food place and the hustle bustle of every day life.  Most other people don't.

I am sorry to ramble on.  I know that you must be a busy person.   I'm just hoping that maybe some point in your research you can find out more about the correlation between hepatitis C and our government creating and spreading it on purpose.  There is a lot more going on here than meets they eye, There is a grand plan.  The little people will be squashed under their feet. It's all about money and power.

I could go on for many pages to clarify but I won't.  Chances are that you won't believe me, anyway.

I mainly wrote to just thank you for the books then the words in this email just started pouring out.

Have a very nice day.


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