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Another Coppegus Nightmare
October 29, 2003

Dear Lloyd:

I was ordering your products and my viral load from 36 million to 45
thousand in just 6 months
then I had a massive sewer back up in my home leaving me and my husband homeless.  Our home was only a year and half new.  the contractor made some serious mistakes.

Anyway my viral load went up to about 5 million in about a months time and my liver enzymes went up so I went on interferon and rebretol.  I have been on the pegasyss and copegus treatment for about 4 months.

I am deathly ill.  My viral load is 0 at this time however I am told if I get
off the medicine the disease will come back.  I am told if you do not
complete the treatment your viral load goes 10 times the original at the time of your beginning the treatment.  I was never sick on your treatment.

I am so full of gas I cannot breathe and am having reflux and sleep apnea caused from the reflux.

Do know if anyone has gone off the treatment and if there viral load tripled
as they stopped.  I cannot go on.  I am so full of heartburn and gas and

Do have others in my situation and what should I order from you right away
to help myself.  I have been taking away in an ambulance three times and the doctor never returns my calls only the nurse.  The emergency said the nurse is running interference for the doctor and that the doctor should be calling me.

I do not care any longer I have had enough.  Can you help me and do you
have anyone who has been in this situation and did they get twice as sick when they quit treatment.

B. B.



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