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Pamela Anderson's Statement
October 28, 2003


I read an e-mail that pamela anderson said that she figured she had at least ten good years maybe fifteen, is that the life expectancy of people with hep c from the time they contract it. and even if you do not get rid of the viris doesn't the milk thistle help protect the liver. your thoughts thanks P. from paola again.

by the way i talked to one of your angels at the office and i let her know that my viral count is down 24,000 in six months. 

thank you

Hi P.:

Pamela's statement has certainly created a fire storm of questions and concerns.  I am convinced she does not know how many people are hanging on her every word.

A person in her position should be a little more concerned about random statements.   I am sure she was just speaking with out thinking about who was listening.   Perhaps she was having a bad day.

Pamela is a vegan, consumes no animal protein.  This one item makes it difficult to heal for most people.  Pamela is healthy and hepatitis c is not going to take her life in the foreseeable future.  I am convinced that as long as she stays away from interferon she will most certainly die of old age.

Her statement is not backed by any scientific data nor was it intended to be.

Click here to read the story.

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