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Re: Interferon and Wholistic Therapy
October 27, 2003

Dear Lloyd,

I discovered your site recently and find it fascinating. I am an RN dx with Hep C around 1992.  At that time I was told "not to worry about it", no one knew much about the disease.  I was advised to "check my liver enzymes once a year and not to share my toothbrush or razor with my husband" (like I would do that anyway!).

I became symptomatic around 1996 and began a drug study program with Interferon. That failed so I began the drug study with Interferon and Ribavirin.  After a year and a half, that too "failed" since I was never able to get my PCR below 100,000.  I was given the option to continue with the treatment, but by that time I weighed around 100 pounds (from 120), lost a lot of hair (although my naturally curly hair became straight as a board which I LOVED), and developed Rosecea.   I chose to DC treatment and wait for new developments.

I have taken Milk Thistle and Selenium as well as other supplements for years.  I recently ordered your book and your Thymus capsules but have not received either.  I am about to begin treatment again with PEG Interferon (which I have never taken) and Ribavirin.

My question is, can I safely take your herbal remedies in conjunction with the PEG Interferon and Ribavirin, particularly the NatCell Thymus?   What supplements would you recommend I take with the traditional treatment? 

I appreciate any help you can give me on this matter because I am sooooo ready to eradicate this virus an restore my liver.



First and foremost you must stop and think about what you are doing.

The hepatitis c virus mutates with each replication.  It develops an immunity to interferon.  If it does not work the first time, it is not going to work.  This experiment has been carried out on humans thousands of times and almost never works.  Please do not do this to your self.

And yes, you have taken peg intron, it is the exact same drug as intron A! Read the CBER report on my website.  Please download the 43 page report written by Schering.  It does not work.

In case you do not listen to my pleadings, yes, anything in my program works fine with interferon.

If you use it you should do as much of the program as possible.

Interferon lowers the platelets so you need natcell liver to keep them at a good level.

Interferon shuts down the immune system so you should have natcell thymus.

It is a poison so you should have lots of milk thistle so it does not fry your liver.

People who do it as much as you plan to usually die from a fried pancreas, pancreatitis.  So you should take natcell pancreas as you will develop diabetes if you are lucky, it can be worse.

Have you checked into the fact that 20% of the people using this stuff develop diabetes?  Cancer rates form the combo are far higher than reported.  I know because I have spoken to over 70.000 people who have used it.

Only 4 of them are still clear.  I know I do not hear from everyone so perhaps I only hear from the sick ones.

Prior to peg intron I had a high success rate.  After peg my success rate has dropped.
The reason, most people who use my program have been non responders on peg intron.   Because peg is time released, it stay in the system longer and does a significant amount more damage.  Thus, it takes years to recover from the stuff.

Please do not use it.

Instead, work on restoring you liver.  I have reversed fibrosis demonstrated by biopsy, I have reversed cirrhosis, once I failed and the person had a liver transplant and the doctors said the man was in remarkable condition, every organ was perfect but his liver was just shot.  He was on my program for 18 months prior to transplant and he only lived because I nursed him to near perfect health.  That is what he said.

Get healthy and work on hepatitis c the natural way.

The direction you are headed in is corrupt, you are a member of the establishment and there is a better way to live than what the drug companies have led you to believe.


In good health



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