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So happy to find you website
October 26, 2003

Lloyd's responses
Hi Lloyd,

I am a Vietnamese, living with Chronic Hep. B in Vietnam.

By accident, I came over somebody who has been ordering some stuff from you to treat his Hep C.  He had been on Interferon in 98/99 but it turned out a nightmare.  He has also told me how hard the side effects were and he decided to turn to alternative therapy.  He has been on the herbal medicines/supplements recommended by you for years now and and showed consistent improvement.  I met him while he was on his holidays in Hanoi.

When I was diagnosed with Hep B few years ago, my Singaporean Hepatologist immediately told me, I would get 50 to 70% chance of being cured with Interferon.  I started searching on the web to find more and more information about the disease and realised that how cheating the Hepatologist was.  She did not even tell me about the terrible side effects.  In a way, they really make you believe and fall into the trap of Interferon which I am happly I did not.

I did not start any treatment even though my AST and ALT have been always around 100 (normal range: 0 - 40) because we wanted to have a child, for which I had to be on IVF (in vitro fertilisation) and could not treat my Hep B.  Now that we have a lovely 6 month baby, I starting looking for treatment and I am so happy to have met the guy who recommended your website to me.  It helped me in the way that I am now openning my eyes to alternative therapy and not just relying totally on the conventional Western treatments.

My questions now are:

1) Have you got any one with Hep B trying your herbs?


2) If yes, can you give me some information about their feedbacks?

My program works much faster on hepatitis B if it is the begeining of the virus.   Most peoples immune system deals with hepatitis B.  Some have long term problems very similar to hepatitis C.   I have had many people use my program with serious liver disease from hepatitis B.  When it has progressed to cirhoiss it is about the same as hepatitis C to deal with.

3) If no, do you still recommend the herbs to me?

For your information, despite my high ALT/AST, my viral load is undetectable (i.e. below 140,000 copies/ml, we do not have a more sensitive lab to check how exactly the value was).  For the last few months, I have had numerous typical symtoms like fatigue, headache, poor appertite, joint paint.  My Hbeag is positive, that means the virus is replicating in my body.  Do you have a similar test showing whether the Hep. C is replicating or not.  If yes, do the herbs stop this replication of Hep. C.

Thanks in advance for your reply. I hope I can help myself and many other people living with Hep. B in Vietnam as the way you have helped a lot of people with Hep C in the States.

Wish you good health, too.

P/S. Please feel free to post my email to your web but without my email add. please.


I have a item that the PDR says cures hepatitis B. One of my workers found it in the PDR.  I can have her send the section if you like.   It is called PhyllanthusThe description is on my website.   The cost is $ 24.00 for a bottle of 120 caps.

I have not had anyone try it for hepatitis B yet.
If you like to try it I would love to post the results.

Do you have blood tests, ultra sound or biopsy?  I would like to know what stage your liver is in.

In good health



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