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Hope found Hope with LLoyd.....
October 22, 2003


this is just a note, really for people who are wondering if your program works, to let them know that IT DOES !!!

In Oct. of O2, my ast was 40, and alt was 53.
In April of 03, myst ast was 19 and alt 26 !!!
In Sept of 03, my ast is 20 and alt is 16 !!!!!

And I am not even on all the program!!  Hey, people out there!!  It works!

In a world of COMPASSION-LESS DOCTORS, I am thankful for LLOYD WRIGHT !!  He has answered questions and been there whenever I needed him.  How many of you can say that about your doctors??   I truly do not know what I would have done without him......

Soooooo, THANK YOU LLOYD, from the bottom of my heart !!

There is always "Hope".

God Bless You...............Hope in Texas

P.S. Please feel free to post this.


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