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Doctors and Sense
October 1, 2003

Hi Lloyd,

Doctors and sense, or is it dollars and cents?

A couple of days after getting my latest lab results - ALT 16, AST 26, plus a 2 million IU/ml drop in viral load, my liver doctor/ Interferon pusher called to inform me that I am getting blood work done way too often and my standing order for blood work has been cancelled.

After the initial shock, I asked why this was a problem, and asked how often Interferon patients are "allowed" to have blood work done, the answer was six months!

These latest test results are my best ever, I don't think that it is purely coincidence that they are cancelling my blood work order.  They see me getting better and don't want to be associated with ANYONE who is not "swallowing" their poison.

They are nothing but immoral greedy bastards protecting their territory.

This only makes me more determined than ever.

Thank you again from the bottom of my heart for your efforts to bring the world the truth about what is really going on in the medical "profession" today.

(please post if you would like)

emphasis added

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