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Mom Worried About Hep C
October 1, 2003


Thanks for the help about a month and a half ago.  I e-mail questions about Hep c testing.  I was the mother of four.  I also sent you my lab results, that you had not see before.

Well after three sets of testing, comes to find out that I have never had the virus.  So it is possible to come up with false positives.   I had one from the red cross saying I had positive antibodies to it, and a positive quantitative test at my Dr. office.  The third set to find geno type and everything can back clean, no Hep c Never had it.

I want to thank you for your help you were the only person who would try and help me understand .  I did talk the nurse for the gastro intest. into looking, and researching more into natural cures.  She was also going to look at your cite. She currently helps 900 patients deal with this disease.

A no longer scared Mom

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