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October 13, 2003

Hello Lloyd.

I have HCV. I will not go into details of how it was 2 years after being tested positive for it before my doctor decided to tell me.  I was told by him about the interferon treatment for it.  I also have a dis-like and mis-trust of doctors.  After getting home and this information sank in, I did some research on it.  Reading up on interferon and discovering what it really was, and what it is also used for, I decided that I was ABSOLUTELY NOT going to be subjected to it.  Which is how I came across your book, I was looking for a natural alternative.   I was very impressed by your research and treatment.

I can't afford all of what you used, but for 3 weeks now I have been using a great deal of what you have recommended, and have purchased some of it from your website.  I will say that I haven't had any symptoms of HCV, which is one reason why I was so surprised when my doctor informed me of my previous positive test.  I had it re-taken and came up positive again.

Anyway, even though I have not had the symptoms, I will say that I do feel better now than I have been feeling, more energy, mental acuity, etc.  I am going to continue with the treatment that I have decided upon.

I am writing with a couple of questions I hope you can answer for me.

First, my doctor said the first thing I should do is get vaccinated for A & B.   Do you recommend this?   I am leery of putting any more of this disease into my body and would really appreciate your opinion on this.

Second, I have also read in other sites about a 'liver flush'.  Also, would you recommend this?  It sounds quite invasive, but if you would recommend it, I would probably do it.

On a final note, I really would like to thank you for your research, your book and for giving me hope that I can be free of this 'silent killer'..

Once again, thank you and Bless you.

V. H.

Hi V:

The hepatitis A & B vaccine will raise your viral load double, to Quadruple and I have seen it raise the viral load as much as 12.000.000 IU/ml.

Your doctor will not know this and will dispute it.

I can assure you that I have witnessed this thousands of times and I am at a loss about why doctors do not know this is happening.  Read my chapter on Albumin.

In the past, hepatitis A & B vaccines were given to a healthy population, the military, school children etc.  Giving these shots to people with liver disease is unexplored territory.

The reason the doctors just blanket recommending it to nearly everyone with hep c is because if you have Hepatitis c and you contract hep A, you can get very sick and even die.

If you have hep c and contract hep b it can also be very bad, but not as bad as A.

The doctors, the ones I have dealt with have not yet dealt with the draw backs of the vaccines.  There are 1000s of pages of good info on how bad vaccines are.  There are a few of these on my message board.   It will take 9 months to a year for the viral load to start to go back down in most cases.  Sometimes it never does.  This decision is up to you.  I did not.

There is a liver Flush on my message board.  I could not find it the other day so I will post it again. It is from Hugla Clark.  It is a bit radical but every one who does it reports good results, good feeling and good health.

I am here for any questions.

In good health



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