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October 12, 2003

Dear Lloyd,

Sorry for not getting back to you sooner, have just been through hell.   Plus I am trying to update my web with some new products.  Closed down my information web and moving contents to Southwest Herbals.   I am trying to fix it so if I can't maintain it my husband can.   The other web was done in script and there was no way he could take care of it.

I was so swollen in the abdomen that I looked ten month PG and in terrible pain.  I have had a urinary tract infection since probably before June and I am on my sixth dose of antibiotics and I think this one is finally helping me, Thank God!

Last blood test my platelets are still dropping and my hemostat and hemoglobin is outrageously high and my primary doctor is worried that I might have a stroke if we don't get it down.  So that is comforting.

I started taking some of the supplements again a few at a time. I am just going to take it slow until I see what will agree with me and what won't.  This Pegasys/Copesus therapy has made me allergic to everything including myself.  I am going to give some serious thought to designing a regimen that will work for me, and I may have to experiment a little.

However, I do have to say that in the last two days, I can feel myself getting better. I don't know if it is because this antibiotic is knocking out this infection, or if it is the Natcel, but I have some energy, and the swelling is going down in my abdomen and I have a little color in my face.  So there is hope and I intend to beat this sucker, if possible.

Now that I have said all that, I really wrote to ask you if I could use your name and put your regimen on my compare regimens page on my web.   It will have links to your site and to your products.

I sell products also, but my main goal is to provide information and sell products at a low price so some people can afford them.  I just want people to learn about this disease and get well, the same as you.   I don't care where they buy as long as they try something.

Would this be alright with you?  Let me know, cause I am working on that page now.  I have two more product lines to input before I will have the page finished and that will take a few days.

Oh, by the way, I went back to my specialist wed. and she wanted to start me back on this treatment at lower dosages until I got use to it.  Can you believe it!  I handed her a four month supply of Pegasys, Copesus and Paxil and said "Did you know that this drug was never approved by the FDA"?  She looked at me like she was in shock for a moment.  Her eyes wide and her mouth open. It was funny.  HA!  She finally admitted that it was true and said, but we did get your Hep C down to negative.  In the next statement she wanted me to get a blood test at the end of the month, because the Hep C usually comes back after stopping the treatment.   So what good was it?   I told her no thanks, I am not taking it again.  If my choice is dying than I will just die.  I handed her a schedule of my daily regimen and told her I would update it as I make changes to it and we would see.

She looked it over and said well there is some good stuff here but I bet it is expensive. So you see, they know!  They are just pushers for these legal drug companies.  It makes me so mad I could spit.   I will never ever trust doctors again.

It is so sad the things doctors do to people.  My husband has a friend that worked with him.  He is dying with cancer.  The doctors told him he is terminal.  It happened very fast.  One day he was at worked, the next day they are telling him he is dying.  The sad part of it is that he quit work, went home and laid down and is waiting to die instead of trying some alternative type of medicine to try and save himself.
He trusts the doctor.

I was told in 1979 that I had bone cancer and they wanted to do a biopsy.   After going through the paratinatis ordeal I was completely knife shy.  I sad no way and ran out crying.  I said if I die I die, no way are they cutting on me again.  Well guess what 24 years later, I am still alive and no cancer.

You will have to read Jackie's Witch Page when I get it done.  I intend to blast these doctors and the Federal Government for allowing these drugs and the Pharmaceutical companies for making them.  They are liable to shut me down, but I don't care.

Thanks again Lloyd,
Jacqueline F.

Note from Lloyd:
This is a little of what interferons are like. A real story from a real person, not what some doctor says.

emphasis added

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