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October 12, 2003

Dear Lloyd,

I do indeed hope all is well. You and I have corresponded back and forth about the "treatment" option that my wife and I have pushed toward by the medical establishment.

After being put on Paxcil and assured it was safe, my viral load went from 140k to 3.5 million.  You had indicated that you felt I need to get off the paxcil which I started to do immediately and am already starting to feel better.  Tomorrow will be the first day that I totally stop taking it but I really feel as though the withdrawal is all but over.   I am all the way down to 10 mg. I am also down to 10mg. of the Valium a day.   Again I don't want to help in one area while exacerbating what is happening with my disease.

Thanks for all your advice and I will keep you apprised as to our progress once we get started with the treatment.  We are moving around the end of the month so that is when we will be kicking this thing off.  I am sure the Paxcil will be cleared by that point and if nothing else comes of this that is a step in the right direction!

G. & A. G.


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