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re. the Interferon treatments
October 11, 2003

Dear Lloyd,

Thanks very much for the speedy response!

Yes, I feel the same way re. the Interferon treatments.  That is why I am racing to put together an herbal program in the time frame my husband has alloted me.  The blood/Hep test he wants to do prior to starting will be a good thing - I think it will prove my point. My husband is normally stubborn (Scorpio) and he has been especially cranky again recently.

He believes the docs because they have the credentials.  I think the credentials should be of more value than they are... a cold, cold heart which most docs seem to end up with and unhearing ears makes them dismiss much that their senses show them as being true.  I had Lyme disease and they almost killed me with their stubborn pride - I gave up on them and found my own way.

By the way, since my symptoms were extreme fatigue, etc. they tested me for Hep.  I had worked in acctg for a Psych hospital for a bit and during that time they gave me the Hep B vaccine, turns out it's only about 75% effective.  It didn't take, I don't have antibodies, but just enough remained in my system to show up on the initial Hep screen. My GP did & read the tests told me I had Hep B - knowing my husband had C, but by that time I realized some stuff wasn't right for Hep.  Went to the best Gastro in
town for further tests, after GP got pissed that I questioned him, and he basically said the GP was an idiot for his diagnosis (of course would not pput anything in writing).  Of course Gastro's office sent my test to the wrong lab so my insurance wouldn't cover it - nice!

My husband's mother, the nurse (died of complications of Emphysema), had Hep B and C.  She was never treated for the Hep - contracted it thru nursing.  He has/had 2 brothers who did Interferon.  One made it thru treatment, they said he was clean, but within a year he died of a massive heart attack.  The other had to stop treatment due to massive complications and side effects of the treatment.

Husband's insurance does not cover prescriptions, so alls meds are out of pocket. Money situation for us, as for most people anymore, is not so great.  Anyways, thanks again.

Maybe time to say a prayer for us.



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