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Just placed my order ...
November 6, 2003


I just placed another order.  I was glad to hear that you offer another form of the Ultra Thistle ... Super Siliphos ... cheaper!!  I try to order at least 3-4 month supply of everything mostly due to financial reasons.  After all the research I have done for my husband and finding your books and web site I know there is a better way to fix my back ... MESENCHYME!!!!  From what I read from your web site I have no doubt that it will help.  Once again finances come into play, but hopefully I will be approved for STD and I will get my backpay from August till now, at that time I will be calling you up to order more "goodies"!!! 

My husband B. had a CT scan of the liver ... it has been a tad over 2 years since the last one ... the last one showed fatty, inflamed liver, this one did not.  His doctor is scratching his head, he cannot believe that alternatives helped B.   It is a shame that they don't believe.   B. did go back on the Peg combo treatment last December (might have been January, that drug makes you lose track of time!) when they did a viral load 3-4 months after his viral load tripled ... that is when we said screw this and went real aggressive with your program.

Now here we are about 4-5 months later and his CT scan is better, his labs are better ... his AST and ALT are mildly elevated

ALT = 98
Total Bili =1.09
Albumin =3.9
Protime = 11.3
INR =1.04

Platelet count is 100
... better then in the 20's when he was on the Peg combo crap.

His Arthritis was terrible, he still has bad days, but there are days he can leave the cane behind, he even has the energy to.... well you know ... :) !!

I thank you and all the support your staff has given us.   I continue to pass the word on, being out of work has only one drawback .... I was meeting so many Hep C patients and passing out your bookmarks you sent me ... I felt that I was helping ... that I was making a difference, now I can only hope that all those that I did pass the word to listened and acted upon it. God Bless all of you, I would be lost without you.

T. W.


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