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Your Newest Client
November 18, 2003

Dearest Lloyd,

A bright shining wonderful Hello to you.

About 10 days on the TLM and a week on the minimal program you perscribed for me and I am once again on the job working circles around guys half my age.  I feel great, the joint pain is almost completely gone, I can think straight again and I just feel clean, inside and out.

I have worked it out with my local health dept. to do my blood work for $20.50, the hep dr. charged me $620.00 and that was his reduced rate for folks without insurance.  My plan is to do the program for a month then retest and then maybe every 3 months afterward untill I am hep c free.  Would appreciate your input. . The Ostio Biflex I have been taking is an glucosamine- chondroitin complex for joint repair and lubrication. Is it OK?

When I returned to the Dr. he was just like so many others in your books, he said there is no other cure than the pig interferon and that if I had comlications or side affects there were many other poisons/drugs I could be given to counteract them.

Again many Thanks and God Bless You,


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