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Fw: Victory
November 17, 2003


I bought your book several months ago after coming back to reality in the doctor’s office at the VA.  He was telling me my liver biopsy indicated that I had stage 2 inflamation and stage 3 fibrosis and that I needed to go on “the program” as soon as possible. Needless to say, I let feel important and said yes, let’s talk about that next time I see you in December.   I have to admit that it scared the shit-out-of-me!

I immediately went about getting all the herbs, vitamins, supplements, juicer, etc and went for it – kind of like my drinking over the years “no half steps!”

By the way, I believe I contracted this devil from the USMC who used air guns on us before going to Viet Nam. Semper Fi!!!

Long story short: In 5 weeks I lost 17 pounds, I had some skin lesions (all gone) my skin glows like a teenager!

My sciatica is almost gone, I feel great and have lots of calmness.

Last week I went to get a sona-gram at the VA, the third in a year – the technician flipped out!

She said, What are you doing?

I told her herbal tea 3 qts a day supplements.

She said, well “I can’t believe this -= it’s amazing, your liver looks perfectly normal, no fatty deposits, no discoloration, blotches anything and the edges are very smooth, whatever you are doing keep doing it!”

She also added, “I wonder what the Dr. will say?”

I told her “He’ll probably say, shit, there goes another interferon patient, and possibly our gravy train oh, I mean funding from the good ole US government.

By the way, did you see that Bush got a bunch of money to send more people to die and at the same time cut $20 billion out of the VA budget? That’s some Texas sized balls!

You think he’s trying to say something?  Like, “oh it doesn’t matter if you have benefits your ass isn’t comin home anyway!”*

I want to thank you for all your hard work and dedication – it just shows that one person can really make a difference. I am inspired and determined.

I will keep you up to date – I have Dec 3 appt. to start “the program”, but I will be declining that and asking for a new blood test to see my results – I’m betting “the program” loses!


Reader Comments:

Using the same air gun on everyone is like using the same dirty needle (Which the military did).  Whenever the same vial of medication is used for several patients, hepatitis can be spread.  This has been documented in hemodialysis units.

Unsafe vaccines have been documented with reuse of syringes.  Millions of Egyptians were infected by unsafe vaccinations.  How many persons were infected by using the same razor at the military barber shop?

It is shameful that the VA continues to deny service connection for American military veterans whose only risk factor for HCV is being in the military.

Congress should investigate of the VA and demand reform.

B. C., MD


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