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Hope in Texas with Outstanding News !!!!
May 3 , 2003

Hello Lloyd,

Well dear, I heard from the hepatologist yesterday with half of my blood results.  He started the conversation with  "I have some good news for you. Your blood levels are all NORMAL !!"

I was sooo elated, but before that could fully soak into my mind, he added, "But this doesn't mean anything, you still have the hep c and you still need to do the interferon!"

I couldn't believe my ears. My mind said, "Then WHY did you say it was good news, moron !!"  Well, excuse me doctor, but SCREW YOU.

My AST went from 40 to 19 !! Did you hear that? 19 !!
And my ALT went from 53 to 26 !!!

I have been on your herbs since Jan.31.  Not all that you took Lloyd, but been brewing the dandelion tea, milk thistle and reishi tea.  Also, the ascorbic C, cats claw, Lipoic Acid, Liver tablets, alfalfa, and cases of the Aloe, milk thistle tea, nadh, Nat Cell Thymus (frozen) Selenium Aller-Aid, Thymus tabs. In addition, I quit all red meat, and all dairy.  Also pro-calm for my hot flashes. The great "guru" doctor at the University of Texas Southwestern said all my levels, platelets, etc were NORMAL!! Then I asked about my Viral load and he said that wouldn't been back till next week.

Now, mind you, I have had 2 gastro-interologists and the "guru" of hepatology tell me that NOTHING would bring down my numbers, no matter how many herbs I ate !!! And yet when he has the results in FRONT of him HE STILL denies it !!? What the hell is going on here?! He STILL said I needed the interferon and asked me WHAT I was waiting on?

I simply told him to call me next week when he knew my viral load. He also added I needed to be vaccinated with the Hep A and B. I'm NOT gonna do that, but I am going to keep taking your herbs, Lloyd. I just wanted to thank you from the bottom of my heart. I ordered more herbs this a.m. and 24 vials of the NatCell thymus.

As soon as I get my viral load next week, I will let you know and I will then fax you my lab reports, ok? I don't know what the ALT and AST actually means , but I do know my numbers were NORMAL !! Need I say more!!

I eat the artichokes, beets, raw egg a day and fruit and as much organic food as I can get (which is not easy, as I live waaay out in the country). Next, who knows, I may just start growing my own vegs and fruits!!

I have also read everything Carolyn Myss has written and all of her CDs, Anatomy of the Spirit, Sacred Contracts, and Why People Don't Heal. I am not only getting well physically, but spiritually also.

What else can I say.....THANK YOU , THANK YOU, THANK YOU. You're at the TOP of my just Tooo Kooool People List !!



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