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Angels do fly this low
May 2, 2003


I said to myself, I'm going to demo Boar's Head in Malibu.  Maybe Lloyd Wright will walk in.  And he did.  A true pleasure to meet you and your friend.

A while back my cousin did some research on the internet.  She sent me your books via  I read 'Triumph', laughed and cried.  My review in the NORTH HOLLYWOOD OZONE states

"Locks you into a horror park roller coaster thrill ride - with no carnie manning the brakes!"

Thanks for writing the books. I admire you for your courage and perservierence. Oh m' God, you're the lion from THE WIZARD OF OZ!

Most of all I'm glad you are healthy.  As I mentioned Sunday at Hows Market I am a massage therapist.  I would like to offer you complimentary massage for your good work.  If you feel the outcome is of benefit to you, I was wondering if you'd consider trading massage for some of the more important products in your line.  I have no money for purchases at this time but do wish to get started somehow.  With the book you've made me aware of good foods and things to avoid and I thank you.  The value of spinach must be immense, and I've already been doing gobs of organic brochali.  My fingernails and toenails are all fresh and pink instead of that former jaundice color.

Have a happy,

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