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Re: Even MORE thrilled about the results
May 27, 2003

Hi again Lloyd,

This has been one heck of a ride. We've spoken a few times - I have e-mails posted on this board on 9/3/01 and an update on 2/17/03.

A brief recap of my progress follows:

In 12/00, I had a quantitative pcr of 89,000 copies (31,000iu/ml)
and ALT 76 (range 30-65), AST 52 (range 15-37);

in 08/01, I had a pcr of 1,558 copies/ml
(or 649 iu/ml-almost non-detcted!)
with ALT of 35 and AST of 19.

Then I went off the program due to pregnancy (healthy baby),
and went back on the program in Feb. 2003.

Well, I'm back to give you my NEW results!!

On 5/03 my
pcr is less than 1.70 Log IU/ml,
plus the lab said there's not enough virus to extract to tell the genotype!! ALT was 45 and AST was 23.

These were done at the same lab so the reference ranges are the same, except I think the pcr is getting more sensitive.  My cholesterol has also gone from 315 to 269 (I'm not taking any meds for this). You have my old labs and I'm faxing the new one to you today.

I have some questions now about maintenance and other issues:

1- What do you suggest as a maintenance plan? (I still have some CF and thymus left), and how often do you test for pcr results?

2- Do the antibodies to this dreaded thing ever go away? I'd love to see the qualitative be negative.

3- I don't really understand this iron issue, and my doc says I can take iron supplements, but I was limiting iron intake for obvious reasons- my iron is low at 30 (range 37-170), with high iron binding cap at 478 (250-450 is range) and saturation is low at 6 (range is 15-42) - any ideas here?

4- Most importantly, I still have some occasional "heaviness" feeling in my right quadrant in front and sometimes in back (doc blows this off). The abdominal ultrasounds have always shown no damage (refused the biopsy, thank you). Could this be damage the tests don't pick up? Any ideas about what I can do about it?

5- This is a small one, but I've asked about it before- the outer part of my palms are still red-indicitive somehow of liver damage I think - know anything about this one or how to get rid of it? (sorry-had to ask!)

As always, thank you so much for being there. I tell lots of people about the program, and have given many of your books away. I myself went from feeling doomed to feeling hopeful and healthier (no more joint pain and more energy) with real lab results and now I'm trying to clean up whatever mess may be left. Again, I wish there was a good chat site with people on your program, or on other natural means, instead of the crazy boards. I would appreciate it if you know of anyone on the program I can e-mail and discuss these issues with, especially anyone who is deal ing with the same issues (maintenance, iron problems, pain, etc). Please feel free to post this message on the board.

Thanks again and God Bless.

Hi -S:

I am so very happy for you!

1. I would keep taking the Natcell thymus for at least 3 months, we do not want this virus coming back.
The CF Support is good to take as well because it supports the adrenal gland and the Mesenchyme in it helps regenerate any weak cells.

2. Doctors say no, but I have a negative antibody test for myself and I have had a few in the past. Clients have called and told me their doctor told them they could not have a negative antibody test after having hep c. I have had some of these doctors call me and ask me what I did to their patient to get them to test negative for HCV antibodies.

3. You need a Ferritin Test. This test tells you how much iron you have in your liver. You TIBC is high. I would not be taking iron supplements. Take some Liver organic Glandular instead.

4. The liver performs over 1200 functions. During and after hep c there may always be some form of discomfort or dysfunction. I even feel strange on occasion. This will diminish in time. Take a CF Support when it happens.
Keep drinking my teas, they keep the liver functioning well.

5. I have heard about this palm thing before but have not had a doctor tell me there is anything true about it. I have never had a liver specialist examine my palms. I would think they would be doing it if it was an indication of anything but one can not go by what a liver doctor does or does not do.




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