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Hep C Treatment and History
May 18, 2003


Thank you for your effort and research on finding a cure for hep c.  I was told by my doctor that because of my blood type genotype 2b that I had a 100% chance of curing.

I went on the peg/ribavarin combo therapy 6 months ago and it was hell.  After running tests they told me that the treatment didnt work and I had a poor response even though my viral load went down they said I could stay on it longer but there was no guarantee that it would stay low after I got off the treatment.

I continued to work which was an effort even getting out of bed to do everyday task was a battle.  I am ready to try the remedies you have used to beat this disease.  I suspect I got the hep c back in 1982 from a blood transfusion and discovered I had it when I donated blood 2 years ago... the test have shown that my enzyme levels were close to normal and my liver biopsy showed very little inflammation... I wanted to try the treatment to get rid of it so that my liver would not be more damaged from this disease.

I am 47 and I am scared that it is in me and want to do what I can to get rid of it.  I am hoping that you can quide me as to what I should be taking and for how long... Thank you for your support in this silent epidemic... it is a battle.  I decided not to take the combo medicine any more as of two days ago and I am already feeling better.  They tell me it will take 3 weeks for this to get out of my system... I can't wait!  I look forward to hearing from you.

Sincerely D A W


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