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May 16, 2003


On 12-2-02 I took a hep C antibody test as part of a s.t.d. screen, little
did I know hep C was not a sexually transmitted disease! This test came
back positive!!! I didn't find out till march when I went back to the docter
for an unrelated problem. The Dr. assured me the test was 99.5% accurate and was certain I had Hep C. A full blood panel and a Hep C RNA Quant. PCR was ordered. The results came back one week later. The Dr. looked at my alt-105, and my ast-45, then read my pcr result and congratulated me on the fact I only had 200 viremia in my blood!!!

After asking to see the result myself and quickly noticing the (less than) in front of the 200 I became enraged. The Dr. quickly decided I was undetected then told me I had fatty liver. Not trusting this idiot I faxed my results to your office and you confirmed the PCR read non-detected.You also suggested I take a RIBA antibody test to confirm the non-detected PCR.

Absolutely frustrated with doctors I decided to get on your program for two months and then get retested.

Today has been two months and these are my results.

In two months, march 14 to may 16, I have lost 30 pounds.
My alt went from 105 to 60, my ast went from 45 to 25.
My current PCR remained non-detected,
my RIBA antibody test came back negative!!!

The first test I took in December was a false positive!!!

l will in the future always question the advice of a doctor and always ask
to SEE the results of any test. LLOYD---- Thank You!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

W. E.


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