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Thanks for the stuff Lloyd!
May 16, 2003

Hi Lloyd,

Wow! Thanks for all the stuff you sent in exchange for the cd.

That's going to help alot and I can't wait to start. I appreciate this greatly. I've been drinking dandelion tea and what a difference already, I can feel it.  Amazing.

I'm glad people like the cd. Hope to have it up on the net soon. Makes me feel good, and ready for the next one. Felisa is right on; I want my music
in part to be listened to while driving. I feel pretty optimistic these days and ready to play guitar like I know I can. I will recover, and make it.  When I do you've got my vote, you can count on it. What fun that
will be. Just gimme a gig, I'm ready.

On another note (ha ha) if you haven't seen the work of Dr. Ann Blake
Tracy, a specialist in adverse reactions to anti - depressants, you might want to check it out. These drugs are bad enough for a healthy person, but people with compromised liver/immune system function take a horrible risk of toxic overload with horrific consequences.

She really has a lot to say about the pharmeceutical industry. Since these
drugs depress the immune system, of course viral load goes up. How can it
not. So they give you one drug to supposedly kill the virus, and at the
same time another drug that promotes the virus. Well duh....modern "medicine" at work. I think we can safely say that Doctors make viral loads go up.

- thanks again - M.

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