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Organizing Your Supplements
March 6, 2003

Hi Lloyd.

I just got back from your house, picking up my third round of products. This time when I arrived home, I quickly went to the shelves, unpacked them, and placed each in their place -- in alphabetical order. It took about five minutes.

I just had a chance to read the messages on the message board. The fact is, like I told you, I've had so much vigor and energy this past month I've driven cross country in the blizzard, started a new work project, and haven't really had as much time to just sit and be online, something I did a lot when my energy was lower -- before I started your program.

One of the reasons I'm writing is just to respond to some of the emails on the board -- especially the newcomers that feel so overwhelmed.  I was pretty surprised tonight, as I took the supplements out of the box.  My mind wasn't reeling like it was in the beginning.  The program is a lot of work, but it's getting easier and more habitual.

As I've shared with you, I made up labeled baggies for each day -- pre breakfast, breakfast, pre lunch, lunch, pre supper, supper, and nighttime.  I made up one month's worth of these.  Then I have seven little tupperware containers, one for each day of the week.  On the front, I have written which natcells I take that day.  I put the day's worth of baggies in there, and just take it with me wherever I go -- whether that's to LA or Minnesota.  One day a month, I take the time to fill all my little baggies for the month.  I do this by using cupcake pans, much like a pharmacist would do, and a master list for each time of day, pre-breakfast, etc.  It takes a little effort, but by spending this half-day organizing my supplements, I don't have to think about it again for the month.  I have all my breakfast shake products organized by the blender or close by in the refrigerator.

I guess what I'm trying to say is that although this program takes work, it takes a lot more work to live life without any energy.  And it does become easier and more habitual to use your program.

Thank you for your work.

Thank you for your daily support when this was so overwhelming and I was so terribly scared of the diagnosis I had received.

I'm going to wait another month or so to get my bloodwork done. I've had this disease for thirty years, so I know it's going to take some time. The bottom line is, the better I feel, the less I care what my numbers are -- although I would love to be free of HepC.

My prayers and encouragement go out to everyone on the board.

Re: Learning how to deal with your program, its like giving birth.
Thanks for the lamb pancreas. It feels a lot better to my system. I'll bring the pork back to you.  That was very sweet.

I just remembered the first month, Lloyd. I stared at all these bottles, and names of stuff I was taking, and just felt overwhelmed. It felt like I'd spent my whole life taking these things -- from the time I get up until I go to bed. And sometimes that's what it feels like I'm doing.

But it is getting easier.   And my body really likes all this stuff.

I think we want magic pills, magic cures -- like an aspirin for a headache. We want to take one thing and make it go away.  Well Hep C isn't like that. We need to start feeding our bodies a lot of stuff to get it to do the job it needs to do. And it's overwhelming at times.

The biggest thing i can compare it to was when I brought one of my kid's home from giving birth, and had a newborn to take care of.  Right now, my liver is like a newborn baby.  It's demanding a lot of attention and care almost round the clock.


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