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Re: Good news ! and some questions
March 5, 2003


Good morning!

More good news mid February I had a hepatic function panel
- results came back normal.
AST 45 , ALT 33
- this is down from
AST 345 , ALT 603
on July 15, 2002 !

I am no longer seeing that GI doctor who refused to do a quantiative viral load test.  I have not had a viral load test since July when it was >3million. My general practioner doctor said he can and will do a quantative test when I see him in April.

Here are my questons:
1- The results of my liver biopsy done in November 2002 ( I had been on the program 1 month) came back that my liver cells were at level 3 with level 4 being the worse and cirrotic.  What does this mean?  What is your experience with people in this condition who follow your program? ie. Can this condition reverse itself?  What are the contriguting factors?  What sort of time expectation to realize healing ?

2- Given that my liver enzymes have streadily dropped and are now testing normal - what are the factors you recommend to help clear the virus and what is your experience on time for this healing ?

I look forward to hearing from you soon .

Thank you,
H. C.


Hi H:

This is GREAT!

1. Cirrhotic means that you have cirrhosis. I have many people on my program who are stage 4 with cirrhosis that keep there liver functions normal, the best they have had in 10 years for some.
Cirrhosis can reveres itself with help. You need to drink lots of milk thistle seed tea and some dandelion root tea. Keep taking as much of the program as possible.

Mesenchyme can help reverse cirrhosis. It seeks out damaged cells, becomes the same cell and is healthy. It is a remarkable set of circumstances that surround mesenchyme. It is the fluid in the embryo that gives rise to the major organs and the connective tissue byt he fetal stage.

Also natcell liver and natcell Thymus are very good to help regenerate the liver. The adrenal receptors send T cells to the liver and there they colonize around damaged tissue to help heal it.

I do not know how long it will take, too many variables, but it works with time.

2. When one is in cirrhosis it can take time to completely put the virus into remission. I do not know where your viral load is so I do not know right now.

I suggest to keep doing the program because you have had terrific success.

In good health


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