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March 26, 2003


How are you? I know that somehow, you will remember me, because I was the pesty woman who insisted in talking to you about a month ago, regardless of your website and e-mail (what nerve!-I was so desperate, I just wanted to hear the author behind the book and frankly I don't know why I had to call and hear your voice?) At the end of our conversation, I asked if there was anything I could do for you and you stated "pray for my soul".  However, you were quite pissed on the phone initially, and then mellowed out after our talk.

The first thing you said to me was tell your husband to get off of that Interferon because it's arsenic-pure poison.  Well, I'm here to tell you, you are absolutely correct about your choice of words for this nasty medicine.

Not only did it nearly cause a good marriage to fall apart, it affected my kids in school (ages 5&6). I felt at times, like I too was loosing my mind.

Anyway, my husband rec'd blood plasma in the 70's for an injury in the Navy wherein he obtained the geno or subtype 4-C.  This is the hardest subtype to treat.  He got this from receiving blood plasma in the Mediterranean after a rather serious injury.  Since this is the hardest of all strains to treat, there is only between a 40%-60% chance of any type of recovery or remission at all.

In October 2002 his viral count was around 218,000 and by
February 2003 it had nearly quadrupled (956,000 or there abouts).

As you can see, he did not respond to this medicine, which I think is a blessing in disguise.  Get a load of this, since he wasn't responding they wanted to send him to the VA hospital for a 4 year trial study with the same medicine but as a maintenance program!  This is to keep him from acquiring cirrhosis or carcinoma.  I made my husband promise me that if the medicine failed, or he came out of remission, he would not go on this medicine again designed by "Satan".  He promised!

Now that he is not such an angry man or crazed out of his mind, he can think a little more rationally and he is using many herbs that you have recommended.  I also discovered about Colloidal Silver, before my husband told me you had it in one or your books.

Anyway, while these doctors are fattening their wallets and destroying lives, I am on a quest or mission (you mentioned you were on a crusade), to find out just what is really out there.  I have talked to doctors in Canada who claim there are certain medicines that the FDA won't approve in the US.  At times, I become so intolerant of this disease and how it is treated I would like to take it to the media.  You know your research is really incredible, why don't you get yourself on television where the masses can hear about this epidemic?  Or maybe you have and I missed it.  It just so happens that I know the CEO of the screen actors guild who's wife at age 70 had Hep-C and quit and now only takes herbs.  She is doing quite fine.

Have your ever heard about Kelation Therapy?  Read about this, this too has potential for this disease (amongst many, although few MD's are willing to recognize it).

One last thing that I thing I wanted to share with you, which I believed was more than a coincidence.  I called the Mayo Clinic in Scottsdale Arizona-who came highly recommended with diseases like this. (As it is they have the same medical protocol).  What interested me the most is the clinic itself is right off of a street called " Frank Lloyd Wright" street. Having nothing to do with you, I felt a higher power was saying something here. "do not pass go (go to this hospital), do not collect $200 (your life)- yada yada yada.  I believe in synchronicity as Dr. Carl Jung coined it.  I really do believe in you although I have run into skeptics.  Myself involved in labor law, I question everything and miss nothing.

I hope to hear from you. You are quite funny despite what you have been through and I really enjoy your method of writing.  You don't hold back, I can relate!

May God watch over your soul, because whether you know it or not, you are making a difference and saving people from irreversible damage and possibly death from this medicine alone.  You are truely amazing and I think of you often for what you went through and what you have done as a result of going through that Hell.  I hope someday to actually meet you.

God Bless you Lloyd Wright.

R. and the O. family


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