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Re: Your Thoughts on My Tests
March 21, 2003

Hi Lloyd,

Given my blood work that you reviewed, do you think I should get biopsy done at kaiser so that they can give me what my virul load and genotype is?  The specialist said in the class that to be obsessed about ALT levels and numbers would drive people crazy because they mean nothing.

They could go up or down for any reason. The only way Kaiser would do the virus count and genotype identification is if one considers doing the treatment.

I guess I can just say that I want to do the treatment and get to the point
where I have the information I need and then tell them that I changed my
mind. What do you think?

In good health to you also

Hi M:

The geno type and the viral load is done from a blood test.
What you are describing is the true nature of Kaiser.

The numbers do mean something.
Kaiser is the most scandalous group of them all.
They want you to use peg intron and they are going to do anything they
can to force, lure, deceive you into doing it.

Forget telling them anything, they do not care.

It is that simple.

In good health


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