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"Confessions of a Medical Heretic"
March 1, 2003

Ursula Kulju's book review of:
Confessions of a Medical Heretic,
by Robert S. Mendelsohn, M.D.

Dr. Robert S. Medelsohn, M.D.'s book "Confessions Of A Medical Heretic" is
available for online ordering at discount from Barnes and Noble. Click on
the banner below and copy the title into the Search window (title to copy:
Confessions Of A Medical Heretic )
. When you get the link click on "More".
Barnes and Noble Banner below:

(Dr. Mendelsohn's 304 page book was first published in 1980)

After 25 years as a practicing physician Dr. Mendelsohn became convinced
that all was not well in medical wonderland.  Inaccurate lab tests, the
widespread excessive use of x-rays, conflicts of interest, too many
unnecessary operations, the risk of catching a dangerous infection during
a hospital stay and the rapid spread of epidemics in a hospital environment,
the fact that doctors themselves as a group seem to be sicker than the rest of society, and the prescription of drugs that cause more problems than they cure, these are the cold hard facts which Dr. Mendelsohn deals with.

Though Dr. Mendelsohn's credentials are excellent, it is unlikely that his
book is welcomed by the general medical community. Many who work in that field probably wished that this book would just go away. It simply is not good for their business.

People who worked in the medical field used to be driven by compassion, but Dr. Mendelsohn observed that it had become like a mechanical process. There are scarcely, if ever, any boasts about saving lives anymore, but there is a lot of emphasis on the use of machines and how much money was taken in by the process. Also now some doctors' priorities are to make a patient's death easier rather than discovering new methods of treatment.

Dr. Mendelsohn's chapter on drugs is so important, in my opinion, that it
should become regular teaching material in every single public school.  Dr.
Mendelsohn writes that drugs that were once extremely valuable are now
extremely dangerous.  And why?  Because Doctors began to prescribe these drugs indiscriminately Mendelsohn notes: "Many doctors prescribe penicillin for conditions as harmless as the common cold. These drugs can cause reactions ranging from skin rash, vomiting and diarrhea to fever and
anaphylactic shock. Every year, from eight to ten million Americans go to a doctor when they have a cold. About half of them come away with a prescription for an antibiotic.  These people are set up for the hazards
of negative side effects and the risks of deadlier infections.

Doctor Mendelsohn informs us that it may take as long as 20 years before
these side effects show up.  He tells us to refuse medicine which has not
proven itself over the years.  He goes so far as telling the reader on page
78 "don't trust your Doctor".  Assume that if he prescribes a drug it is
dangerous."  You can go to your nearest Library and check out the
"Physicians' Desk Reference".  You will be able to find out which site effects the various drugs cause.

Also, and this is extremely important, some combinations of drugs are very dangerous and never ever mix drugs with alcohol. You may not realize it, but many drugs do have the same side effects as the conditions the drugs are meant to help. Valium, for example, is supposed to reduce anxiety, fatigue and depression. On reading the list of side effects we note that valium can cause anxiety, fatigue and depression.

Dr. Mendelsohn stresses the importance of nutrition in health, but also
points out that there exist those who label people who are concerned with
nutrition faddists, freaks, extremists, radicals, and quacks. (page 77).
This reaction may be caused by most doctors' high regard for financial

See also what others have to say about this book
at Barnes and Noble's

"Confessions of a Medical Heretic"


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