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Hep-c Class at Kaiser
March 19, 2003

Hi Lloyd,

It has been a while since you have responded to my emails.  I am sure you must have a ton of them to respond to.  I wanted to keep you updated
about my visit to the Hep-c class at Kaiser which I attended to last

The specialist recited some stuff about hep-c that I had already read in many books about this disease.  He left out some really important stuff like diet.  When I brought up that issue he simply says, well your diet should always be a good diet without too much of anything and that one should not do anything special.  He also said that Cafeine is fine and if one is drinking it they don't have to cut it back, as a matter of fact he pointed out to a study within Kaiser research that indicates that cafeine inhibits growth of hep-c virus.  There were other things he said that conflicted with stuff I have read in these books.  He said that no studies show that natural remedies work but some studies show that milk thistle may also inhibit the growth of hep-c virus and that it is safe to take.

The important thing was that he believes that it can be cured even though one of the attendees pointed out to him that the Kaiser health book clearly states that there is no cure.  The good doctor said that each one of us should consider the interferon therapy and make an appointment with him to talk about it.

How is everything going with you?

Good health to you.


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