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Re: To Lloyd, 2nd. opinion
March 17, 2003

Hello Lloyd,

This is R. S. from Boca Raton, Fl.  I don't know if you remember me, We have talked on the phone, and I've emailed to you before.

In July 2002 the doctors took me off peg interferon and ribaviron.  Before treatment started I had a 1,000,000 viral count.  3 mos. after treatment discontinued blood test showed perfect liver functions, but 9,000,000 viral count3 more mos. more tests show perfect liver functions, but 14,000,000 viral count.

Dr. Schiff says. Do not worry about viral count, it is not very important.  Liver functions are perfect, we will keep a watch on you.  great news, liver functions are normal, See me for a appt. in a year.  My normal liver functions he credited it to the interferon/ ribaviron treatment.  I kind of doubt this.  I think it's from the natural treatments that you suggested, that I have been following.  All except the frozen stuff.  I simply can't afford it.  The problem is I am more exhusted than I have ever been.  I need to sleep 10 hrs. a day and I'm still always tired and weak.  I have a thought that while on the interferon/ riba., treatment my immune system threw everything it had at this virus.  The viruses that survived are battle hardened and resilient.  They are replicating and my natural immune system has no power to fight these survivors.  This is why the virus count keeps going up.

Do you agree with my thinking? My level of energy keeps declineing.  I imagine my viral count is over 20,000,000 by now.  Can you offer any advise other than frozen thymus, which I can't afford and did not seem to help when I tried it for 4 months.  Will my virus count continue to rise until I am bed ridden?  DR. Schiff says they are coming out with and currently testing pro tease inhibitors.  This works well with HIV patients.  He believes that it will be the ultimate cure for HCV.  But this availability and FDA approval is 3 to 5 years away.  Don't know if I can live with this weakness and fatigue that long.

Need a second opinion.  Please advise. Thank You!!!
Best Regards,
R. S.

Hi R:

The hep c virus mutates with each replication and builds an immunity to interferon.

I think you are right about the liver functions being normal as a result of my program.  I have seen that when the virus is on a spike, that it continues to a plateau and then hovers around that area until acted on one way or another.

I have watched several people who were experiencing a prolonged spike and when put on my program it takes up to a year just to stop the spike and reveres the trend to a downward movement.

In each case I assume this will vary.

Do not use any antibiotic unless it is absolutely necessary.
Do not get a flu shot unless you feel it necessary.
I would not get a hep A or hep B shot but that is up to you.
Do not use anti depresentants unless completely necessary.

All of the above will raise your viral load, double, triple and even cause it to jump 10 fold.

In 1995 when interferon failed on me, I was told that there may be something new in a few years.  Well, it is just not true.

I wish it was.

Hep c is a very complex virus and man is no where near finding a virus cure for the common cold let alone hep c.  The best healer of all time short of Jesus is the immune system he created.  One needs to feed the immune system what it needs for as long as necessary to get the desired results.
In one sense your doctor is right, the viral load is somewhat strange in that it is not related to symptoms or AST or ALT.

For the fatigue, The best thing I have seen is Natcell CF Support. I am taking it and it is amazing.

CF Support consists of Natcell Adrenal and Natcell Mesenchyme.  Together the two make a unbelievable difference in the quality of life.  Adrenal support is necessary for the hep c suffer and Mesenchyme can help rejuvenate the liver and other damage organs in the body.
Try it and I think you will agree.

For fatigue also try Vitamin B 5, NADH, Reishi tea, DHEA, Pure Synergy.  These are all excellent for fatigue.

In good health


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